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Hidden Fees in QuickBooks® Check Printing Softwares

Let’s talk about hidden fees.  In today’s price conscious, Internet age, hidden fees have become common practice.  It’s been popularized by the airline battles, namely by Southwest.

But this same thing happens in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  From inventory management systems, to tax software, to check printing software the QuickBooks add-on market is designed to help QuickBooks users get the most out of their accounting software.  Yet how can a business judge the value of a product when the pricing of the add-on is not transparent?

Here at Wellspring Software, we are particularly aware of this in regards to check printing softwares offered in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  In an effort to help you as the consumer better evaluate the cost and overall value of a check printing software, here are a few hidden fees you should look out for.  We follow each fee with guidelines on how these issues should be handled in what we call, the PrintBoss Way:

Bank Account Validation

Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares require you to “validate” every bank account from which you print checks.  Often this means the software will draw a certain amount of money from your account (typically a number of cents) to verify that the account works.  For every account you open, this occurs and this money is never refunded.  Furthermore, this validation process takes 7-10 days typically.  Often they will offer an expedited validation process for a fee.

PrintBoss Way: Adding a bank account to your check printing software should be quick, easy, and painless (i.e. cost nothing).  For heaven’s sake, these are your bank accounts!  Adding a new bank record should be as easy as filling out the necessary bank information (Bank name, address, MICR information, etc.) and then clicking OK.  No wasted time.  No wasted money.

Customer Validation

Hidden Fee: Like bank validation, some softwares require each customer that you are going to pay through your check printing software, to be validated.  Again, like the bank validation, this usually takes 7-10 days and costs a fee for processing and/or expediting.

PrintBoss Way: Our philosophy is simple—these are your customers, you should be able to pay them simply and cheaply.  So there is no customer validation in PrintBoss.  When you pay invoices in QuickBooks, the information flows through to PrintBoss, and the check is printed.  There is no 7-10 day waiting period.  If you just started buying paper from a new supplier, cut them a check that same day, with no extra hassle.

Extra Software

Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares won’t advertise that in order to use their software, you need to purchase some other add-on to enable you to print checks.  Whether that other add-on allows their software to connect with QuickBooks or is part of the numerous validation processes they make you go through, it costs you extra dough.

PrintBoss Way:  This doesn’t make sense to us.  If you want to print checks onto blank check stock, then by-gosh you should be able to.  You shouldn’t need to by a whole basket of softwares.  If you say your software can print checks onto blank check stock, then it alone should be able to manage that.  The software purchased should be the software advertised.

Number of Bank Accounts

Hidden Fee: Many check printing softwares come with a finite number of banks accounts available.  If you need more banks then you have to buy them.

PrintBoss Way: Bank accounts are key to what you do.  Whether you’re printing checks for a vast number of clients or your company just has a lot of bank accounts, you should be able to print from all of them.  All PrintBoss QuickBooks products come with unlimited bank accounts.  Just click add bank and voila, you have another bank.

Transparency is key in marketing.  That’s why when we say PrintBoss Select is $150, it’s $150.  That’s not a yearly fee and that comes with no hidden costs.  We certainly encourage customers to get a yearly maintenance plan to cover technical support and product upgrades (if you update operating systems or QuickBooks comes out with an update), but when we say you can start printing checks onto blank check stock for $150 out of the box, we mean it.

In fact, you can start printing checks for free for 30 days with our free trial.  Give it a try and experience the value of transparency.