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Give her blank checks for Christmas

Gifts for ChristmasThis blog is mostly for our male readers who find gift buying for the women in their lives a little mysterious.  It’s a delicate game we all play.  With the right gift, you’re a hero.  But with the wrong gift, you might as well move into the garage until the next year when you are given a chance to redeem yourself. There are two fundamental rules you must always follow: provide something to open and get something she really wants.  They are simple rules, but mysteriously hard to follow, particularly the second one.  Now, you could get her that cute Porsche she keeps pointing out on the road, but you can’t really wrap a Porsche and you might not have $100K to drop on a Christmas present.  I once got my wife the gift of house cleaners.  But again, there was nothing to open and after I explained to her Christmas morning that that was her present, I quickly forgot and the cleaners never came.  You could also get her that new 60” paper thin, LED TV optimized for watching sports and you could wrap it—but…she doesn’t want that!!??

So what do you give her?  May I suggest you get her the gift that nobody says no to.  Give her that something she has always desired and can never get enough of.  Give her the thing that makes her and everyone else you know happy.  Give her check stock!  Now before you laugh, consider: with checks, not only can you wrap your gift, but with those checks you are giving her anything and everything she wants.  You are giving her that watch and tennis bracelet she was going to buy anyway, but now they’re from you.  That great pair of shoes she wears all the time now?  “They’re from my husband!”  Every time she steps to the cash register and the attendant says, “How would you like to pay?”  she will think of you as she says, “I will write a check?”  And if you want to be that really great husband, that one where her friends always ask their husbands, “Why can’t you be more like him?” then get your lady a stack of the most secure paper around, Wellspring Software check stock.  Throw in a copy of PrintBoss and, believe me, you will never have to do the dishes again.

Look, we know the holidays are tough.  We’re just trying to make it easier on everyone.  So make her happy and get your lady some checks.  There’s something to open and you know she’ll love it.

PrintBoss—saving Christmas one struggling husband at a time.