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Flexibility in Your Check Printing Software

It seems everything nowadays is about giving you more flexibility.  Our phones now email, talk, and take pictures.  Our cars have built in navigation systems, Bluetooth, and can even park themselves so you can enjoy your vanilla latte while you drive.  Even tablet computers are becoming more flexible as they can surf the web, take pictures, and be used as a book or, after you drop it in the bathtub, a paperweight.  So why wouldn't your check printing software offer you flexibility?  With PrintBoss, it does.

There are several features in PrintBoss that give you control over how your checks look.  But no matter what check printing software you use, it should have these features:

Check Format Flexibility

With PrintBoss you can choose to print in three formats: stub/stub/check; check/stub/stub; and stub/check/stub.    When purchasing QuickBooks checks, these formats are more commonly known as bottom checks, top checks, and middle checks, respectively.  Through more than 23 years in the check printing software business, we've found that banks generally prefer the MICR line to be printed on the clean edge of the check, thus preferring the stub/stub/check format.  No rough, torn edges to slow down the process.   But you may have another preference, and PrintBoss gives you a choice.   You can order QuickBooks checks from Wellspring Software in any format.

Language Settings

PrintBoss even provides the flexibility to print QuickBooks checks in French.  With PrintBoss you can now print the check amount in words in French.  PrintBoss utilizes the Google Language translator to make it happen.

Signature Printing

With PrintBoss you can also choose to print a signature on your checks, automatically.  Signatures can print on every check, or based on amount limits.  The signatures are tied to a bank record so that it is easy to have different signatures for many accounts.

Multiple Client Management

PrintBoss gives flexibility to accountants and CPAs as well.  If you manage multiple clients, each client may have different requirements for information on their checks.  With PrintBoss you can choose different logos for each company, as well as different text to appear on each check.  There is flexibility and choice built into the Bank Profile record which defines for PrintBoss the data that should print on the check for that specific company.

Flexibility puts you in the driver’s seat.  It lets you, the person who knows the most about your company, make decisions for your company.  PrintBoss gives you this flexibility in your check printing software.  It lets you choose how to print your QuickBooks checks.  So, choose a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Choose PrintBoss.

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