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A Premier QuickBooks Add-On (Part II)

Last week we began looking at what distinguishes one QuickBooks add-on from the next.  Specifically we were investigating check printing softwares in this realm.  We laid out how any QuickBooks add-on should be designed to save you time and money.  PrintBoss, as we noted goes a step further than this to also increase your check printing security.  In does this in large part due to its ability to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Read last week’s blog here.

But there are other features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on.

One is ACH file creation.  As a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss can create ACH files simultaneously as it prints checks.  So for any vendor or employee that prefers to be paid by means of ACH, such as an employee requesting direct deposit, PrintBoss will automatically create the correct file.  This means that by clicking print for a check run, PrintBoss knows which accounts to print checks for and for which to create ACH files.  This saves you the fuss, confusion, and time spent making sure each employee has what they want.  With the PrintBoss QuickBooks add-on, just click print and everyone will get what they want, a check or an ACH file, every time.

Another feature that makes PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on is its archiving ability.  PrintBoss Enterprise can create, name and file PDFs automatically.  Just by clicking print, PrintBoss will name the file by data within the document, such as the invoice number, document date, or payee.  It will then automatically archive the file on your network.  It will even create new folders if a folder does not already exist for the payee.  The saves you time and inventory space as countless filing cabinets can be given to Goodwill.

As a check printing QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss can provide you the highest level of check security available with positive pay file creation.  The PrintBoss positive pay feature extracts and formats data from the check report to your bank’s specifications.  These specifications usually include: amount, payee, date, etc.  With the PrintBoss positive pay feature, check fraud is completely eliminated.

These are just some of the features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on.  Visit the rest of our website and download our 30-day free trial to learn more about PrintBoss and what it can do for your business.