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Examining QuickBooks Checks and Check Security

Last week we discussed some of the similarities and differences between Intuit checks and Wellspring Software checks.  For a quick refresher on those differences, check out this table listing them.  This week we are going to take a deeper dive into some of the features we mentioned.  As always, if you have any further questions or would like more details about Wellspring Software check stock, please email us at  You can also take a look at this PDF which outlines our many check security features.

Toner Grip Paper:

This technology goes by several different names.  Intuit refers to this as “Toner Adhesion.”  Whatever the name, this technology bonds laser toner to the check paper.  The vast majority of businesses have moved away from matrix printers to laser printers which simply lay toner on the paper surface.  Without toner grip paper, it is possible to lift toner off of paper with simple tools like scotch tape.  Toner grip paper actually contains a chemical that bonds the toner to the paper so that any attempt to modify the check by lifting toner will result in tearing of actual paper fibers.

Fluorescent Fibers:

Fluorescent fibers are embedded in the paper and glow under ultraviolet light.  This prevents counterfeiting or copying the checks as it is very difficult to duplicate this.  Checks may be authenticated in this manner.

Artificial Watermark:

Like the fluorescent fibers, the artificial watermark provides an extra layer of protection against duplication.  Wellspring Software checks must be held at an angle to view the mark.  Reproducing the watermark is extremely difficult for counterfeiters.


The line borders on our checks are micro-printed with “Wellspring Software.”  The text is so small (it’s micro to be exactJ) that it is impossible to photocopy or scan it correctly.  Although it is difficult to read with the naked eye, with a magnifying glass the micro-printing can be read.  This allows banks, vendors, or employees to verify the authenticity of a check.

Chemically Reactive Paper:

The Wellspring Software Check stock is protected against all known chemicals used in “check washing.”  This is exactly what it sounds like, where household chemicals are used to remove information from a check.  Chemically reactive paper prevents this by staining the check when these chemicals are used.  This makes it evident when a check has been tampered with.

Rainbow Prismatic Colored Stock:

Our two-colored paper makes it difficult to photocopy accurately.  As Intuit notes on its website, prismatic backgrounds are used on many of our personal documents from car titles to passports.  So why not use it on our check stock too?

Blank Check Stock:

This is the one security feature that Intuit QuickBooks checks will never give you.  No matter how much technology is in your check, no amount of chemically reactive paper or micro-printing is going to prevent someone from copying the sensitive information printed on your preprinted check stock.  This information includes company name and address, account number, routing number, and even check number.  This means that your unused stock is a risk liability.  For this reason many companies are forced to hold their stock in safes or locked drawers.  But with blank check stock, unused stock is as much a security risk as your white copy paper.  When you use PrintBoss, your sensitive information is only printed on a check when you process your payables.  This not only removes the inconvenience of locking up your check stock, but also the liability if it is stolen.  For accountants holding clients’ check stocks, this is particularly helpful.  Blank checks also allow you to use one stock for all of your bank accounts.

Check back next week when we examine the many security features the PrintBoss software itself adds to your QuickBooks accounting, like Positive Pay file creation, electronic signatures, and more.

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