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  • The PrintBoss and globalVCard PaySystem’s Electronic Payment Software

    Payment processing. Utter these words to any accounts payable personnel and they will probably wince, cringe, scream, faint and/or possibly cry. In fact I have done three of the five in my time as a business owner (although that was before we developed the PrintBoss electronic payment software), but I’ll let you guess which ones. The harsh reality is that payment processing is an important process. It’s often the first process we endure when starting a business, as raw materials and office supplies must be purchased to make money and it continues through the life of a company as purchasing begets growth. The problem is that there is a glut of paperwork, labor and time involved.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate all these hassles yet still process payments? How much would you pay for that? No, scratch that. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate all these hassles, still process payments AND get paid for doing it?

    PB and GVP

    Enter an electronic payment software so easy to use, it adds no extra keystrokes to what you are already doing. Since here at Wellspring Software we’re all about people helping people, or more appropriately software helping people, PrintBoss has teamed with the globalVCard Paysystem to provide an electronic payment solution for your business. The globalVCard Paysystem allows you to pay your vendors with no paperwork and receive a rebate on your payables. When you add PrintBoss, which will automatically create a payment file for the globalVCard Paysystem, the process becomes seamless and transparent to your accounts payable personnel. In other words, with the PrintBoss electronic payment software, by doing exactly what you are doing right now, zero extra key strokes, you can eliminate the paper check printing process and earn money. It’s like modern alchemy, only electronic payment software!

    To make it even easier, PrintBoss allows you to choose individual vendors or all of your vendors to pay with the globalVCard Paysystem. When you want to enroll a vendor you simply add the vendor to a list and PrintBoss will automatically create a payment file instead of a check. Mark any vendor on the list as inactive and the next check run will generate a live check again.

    With PrintBoss and the globalVCard Paysystem, payment processing has become revenue generating. If only the ancients could have known alchemy isn’t magic, it’s PrintBoss.

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