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Check Printing Software for QuickBooks: Printing From Multiple Bank Accounts

One of the most commonly-asked questions regarding the way the PrintBoss check printing software works as opposed to the QuickBooks’ pre-printed check printing method is, “How does PrintBoss know which account I want to use?” Under most circumstances, PrintBoss can actually detect which QuickBooks account a user is printing from without any additional (and potentially error-prone) user input. However, the key to make this feature work is to ensure that the QuickBooks global Printer Setup settings for “Checks/Paychecks” are set properly.

First, the printer must be set to use the PrintBoss 50 driver instead of the physical printer to which the checks will ultimately be printed. Additionally (and this is vitally important for QuickBooks users with multiple similarly named accounts spanning distinct companies), the “Print Company Name and Address” checkbox should be checked as well. This checkbox supplies PrintBoss with the company name stored for the QuickBooks company along with the checking account name that prints near the bottom of the stub. With those two pieces of data, the PrintBoss check printing software can combine them to arrive at a Bank Code that should be unique to any particular account.

So before printing checks from QuickBooks to PrintBoss, please make sure that the “Print Company Name and Address” box is checked to enable PrintBoss to select the correct account without any prompting from the user.  With this, all of your check printing problems disappear.

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