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Check Printing Software and the Coke-Pepsi Challenge

This week The Wellspring Software office did the Coke-Pepsi test.  There were several members of the office who were adamant drinkers of one or the other.  So we wanted to test their (and everyone else’s) taste buds and see if it is really the taste or the marketing that makes us staunch supporters.

We set up the test by each person having four glasses.  One had coke, one had Pepsi, one had a generic brand cola, and one had water to cleanse the palate.  The end results:

-17% guessed all three correctly
-33% guessed one correctly
-50% guessed none correctly

Clearly it’s the marketing.  This makes you wonder, how often are we fooled by marketing?  Probably more than we think.  Do generic Cheerio knockoffs really taste differently than actual Cheerios?  Does Peter Pan peanut butter actually taste differently than Jiff?  Then we wondered, is PrintBoss actually different from the other check printing software out there?coke challenge

Then we all had a great big laugh.  Of course it is!

PrintBoss is designed to work seamlessly with your accounting package.  Adding banks accounts does not require long verification processes like other check printing software.  Not to mention, both PrintBoss Select and Enterprise come with unlimited banks.  PrintBoss’ ability to create Positive Pay files, print signatures, and even pay vendors electronically is unmatched in the marketplace.

While brands like Coke and Pepsi market a lifestyle or feeling, PrintBoss markets its features and benefits.  We claim that PrintBoss saves you time and money, while increasing your security because it does, its capabilities bear that out.

While you might not be able to tell the different between Coke and Pepsi, you can tell the difference between PrintBoss and all other check printing software.

See for yourself by trying our 30-day free trial.