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  • Unlimited Seats for your QuickBooks Add-On

    A common question we get regarding our QuickBooks add-on software, PrintBoss, is, “how many seats come with a license?”  This is an important question for many QuickBooks users, as they have several people in their office that use QuickBooks.

    Most QuickBooks versions today come with a defined number of seats per license.  More seats costs more money.  Consequently, when evaluating and valuing a QuickBooks add-on, it is important to know if it will work in your current QuickBooks environment.  Most QuickBooks add-ons, like QuickBooks itself, come with a limited number of seats, or the pricing structure is based on the number of seats required.  Particularly as the market moves toward cloud applications which are typically subscription based, charging per seat is easier and more lucrative.

    When people see our small $150 price tag for PrintBoss Select and then see that it also includes 500 blank checks to get them started, it is understandable that their assumption is that the license only covers one or two seats.  The fact is, a $150 PrintBoss Select license has unlimited seats.  Once PrintBoss is installed on a network, then as many seats on that network that want can access PrintBoss. We call them workstation installations.  Here’s an FAQ we have on how to do the various PrintBoss installs.

    The purpose of PrintBoss is to enable you to print checks from QuickBooks onto blank checks, and to improve and automate your document distribution…no matter how many people use it.  We understand that in any given company these two processes are not confined to one individual.  For that reason we designed PrintBoss to enable communication and workflow between any number of people.

    Try our 30-day free trial of PrintBoss to experience how PrintBoss can work for your office.

  • Benefits of a Check Printing Software

    It takes money to make money.  It’s an old adage that has been the rally call for risk takers and entrepreneurs for generations.  But what does it mean for accountants?  It means that no matter the economic climate, you will always have work to do in accounts payable.  It takes money.  Yes, unfortunately everything does, and it is the job of accounts payable to make sure that money is taken in a way that is suitable for all vendors, clients, and/or partners.

    The problem is that often people want money in different ways.  You may have a vendor that prefers to be paid by check, while your employees want to be paid through direct deposit, while another vendor wants to be paid electronically.  And what if a partnering business requires payment through positive pay check?  How do you make sure all parties are paid correctly and in the correct method?

    Through a robust check printing software.  But, you might say, direct deposit and electronic payment are not necessarily check payments?  And that is where the beauty of a powerful check printing software lies, its ability to handle payments outside of the simple check printing function (if we can call even that simple!).  Quality check printing softwares, like PrintBoss, allow you to print checks, process ACH and electronic payments, and print direct deposit slips, all in the same run.

    PrintBoss knows which customers prefer which types of payments.  With this information, when a check run is processed, PrintBoss will print a physical check for those that require it, ACH files for others, Positive Pay files for the security conscious, and even electronic payment files for the technologically minded.  In this way, your job is made infinitely easier.  Just click print and don’t worry about remembering who wants what, because PrintBoss already remembers.

    In this day and age, it is not enough to just print checks.  A check printing software needs to do more, and if it doesn’t it is selling you short.  And the beauty of it is that all of these features don’t have to cost extra.  PrintBoss will do all of this (and a heck of a lot more) for just $150.  Now that is one easy check to write!

    It may always take money to make money, but with PrintBoss it doesn’t take much.

  • QuickBooks Checks: A Security Concern

    It’s a simple fact: preprinted QuickBooks checks provide greater risk to the accounts payable process than does blank check stock.  As it is, security is the paramount requirement in accounting.  Given the many facets of accounting, naturally there are many portals through which security breaches may occur.  From your network getting hacked, to employees sharing (purposefully or not) sensitive information, your company accounting information is constantly at risk.  Many of these risks are innate, they come with the territory and we take as many precautions as possible to thwart them.  So why add another security concern by using preprinted QuickBooks checks?

    How can something as simple as check stock be a security risk?  It’s easy.  Preprinted QuickBooks checks carry three important pieces of information on them: company information (name, address, etc.), account number, and account routing number.  With these three pieces of information any would be criminal could access your bank account.  In other words, if someone were to steal or find your unused preprinted check stock, they would have all they need to access your money.  Furthermore, if you have multiple bank accounts and some financial hooligan steals multiple check stocks, they can gain access to multiple bank accounts.

    So how do you solve this?  The answer is equally as simple: blank check stock.  By using blank check stock instead of preprinted QuickBooks checks, you eliminate all of these risks.  Blank checks are just what they sound like, blank.  They carry zero information on them.  There is no account or routing number, or any other company information.  All of this information is added to the check at the time when you process a check run.  Prior to this, your check stock can sit in your closet as much a security risk as the white paper in your printer.  Now, that isn’t to say that white paper and blank check stock are the same.  Good blank check stock will have built in security features like toner grip paper, micro printing, florescent fibers, chemical detection, and other security enhancements.  All of these features will protect your bank accounts after your check is printed, in case of check tampering.

    Did we mention that blank checks are 80% less expensive than preprinted QuickBooks checks?  Not only are they more secure, but they will save you money.  What’s not to like about that?

    So why add increased risk and worry to your accounting process?  Instead, replace your preprinted QuickBooks checks with blank checks and eliminate risk from your check printing process, all while saving money doing it.

    Click here to see what we’re talking about.

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