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blank check printing

  • Blank Check Printing for QuickBooks Online and 2015

    We’ve received a lot of questions lately about PrintBoss’ compatibility with the new Intuit products, like QuickBooks 2015 and QuickBooks Online.  In short, YES!  PrintBoss integrates with all QuickBooks products, even QuickBooks Online.  But we have even more exciting news.  Wellspring Software is preparing to launch a QBO specific app!

    But first, some explanation on the PrintBoss integration and PrintBoss updates.  PrintBoss integrates with QuickBooks as a printer driver.  This creates a simple, seamless, and powerful integration.  All information is passed to PrintBoss through this integration.  We test all new versions of QuickBooks with PrintBoss before they are released.  While most QuickBooks updates, like going from 2015 to 2016 do not require a PrintBoss update, sometimes check forms will be altered in the new QuickBooks.  This does not mean that PrintBoss will not work with QuickBooks, it only means that your check forms need to be tweaked.  All this takes is a quick form adjustment.  If you have a Wellspring Software service contract, you can simply call into our support team and they can adjust your forms for you.  Also, if your PrintBoss does require an update, a Wellspring Software service contract will allow you to update your system.  These contracts are annual agreements and cost $100 when you buy PrintBoss.  They truly create a hassle free experience as they cover all support needs and updates.

    While PrintBoss does support QuickBooks Online currently (here are some tips on setting the two up to work together), Wellspring Software is developing a QuickBooks Online specific app to work in the cloud environment.  This will make it easier for QBO users to set up PrintBoss for check printing, and will also allow users the freedom of mobility.  By operating in the cloud, QBO users will be able to print to blank check stock with PrintBoss from anywhere to any local printer.  We will have more announcements on the new QBO product soon, so stay tuned and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to learn more as we draw nearer to launch.

    Try PrintBoss desktop for free for 30 days with our free trial.

  • Blank Check Printing Changes the Paradigm

    You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole.  We’ve been hearing that since we were one year old.  While this is true, maybe it is not an issue of the peg but rather the hole.  The startup Monohm, out of Berkeley, California are asking this exact question.  They are attempting to change the paradigm of smartphone technology.  Instead of a rectangular phone, they are envisioning a circular one.

    While Monohm might be the first to take this paradigm shift literally from a square something to a circular one, they are not the first to propose a better way of doing something, even if it bucks a trend.  Businesses have printed checks onto preprinted stock for decades.  While in the beginning you simply ordered checks directly from your bank, as time went on you could get preprinted checks from many different vendors.  But at the end of the day, they were still just preprinted checks.  The issue was that they cost a lot, they were a security risk as sensitive information was printed on their face, and they were cumbersome if you had more than one bank account.

    So instead of sticking with that square peg, Wellspring Software, 25 years ago, allowed companies to buy one blank check stock and print their own bank and company information on the check face.  This stock was not only much cheaper, but it also allowed businesses to use just one stock for all their accounts.

    In the end, changing to blank check stock changed the check printing paradigm.  If you print checks from more than one bank account, try PrintBoss today with our 30 day free trial, and save time and money.

  • What Exactly is Blank Check Printing?

    Have you been watching the Cricket World Cup?  No.  Have you at least been checking the highlights and scores?  Probably not.

    For most Americans, watching cricket is akin to watching a Greek soap opera.  Things are happening, people are talking, but you’re not sure exactly what’s going on.  We try to relate it to things we know.  “It’s like baseball but with a flat bat.”  “It’s like hockey how you can go behind the goal.”  “It’s like a Chinese fire drill where people are just running around everywhere.”

    We realized that this is similar to many businesses’ concepts of blank check printing.  They try to relate it to the way they have printed checks historically.  Like how cricket relates to baseball with a bat and a ball, preprinted check printing relates to blank check printing in that you use a computer and you end up with a printed check.  While this is accurate, it is the many differences in the process of getting to that printed check, that make all the difference.  Where the cricket metaphor falls flat though is that while cricket is a different game, like baseball it is complicated.  Blank check printing on the other hand, is a simpler and less costly process than preprinted check printing.

    So what exactly is blank check printing?  In truth, the process of blank check printing is similar to what you and your business currently do.  You process check payments the same way as you always have in QuickBooks.  But instead of switching your many different check stocks in and out depending on what bank account you are printing the checks from, with blank check printing you can leave the same blank check stock in the printer and print all of your bank accounts to it.  This saves you time changing check stocks in and out of the printer.

    In QuickBooks, you then select PrintBoss as your check printer driver.  This passes the check information from QuickBooks to PrintBoss, which in turn connects the company information from QuickBooks with the corresponding bank information in PrintBoss.  With these two pieces, PrintBoss can print checks including company info, check number, amount, and bank information (account and routing numbers).  All of this is done automatically and saves you money by requiring only one check stock instead of multiple stocks for your multiple bank accounts.

    In the end, blank check printing saves you time and money.  It simplifies your accounting processes, enabling you to focus your extra resources elsewhere.  Cricket may look like baseball, but it’s not.  In the same way, blank check printing looks a lot like preprinted check printing, but it is easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.

    Try blank check printing free for 30 days with the PrintBoss free trial, and experience the benefits first hand.

  • Printing Checks from QuickBooks to Blank Bottom Checks

    “I setup PrintBoss easily with all my bank information and have it connected to QuickBooks, but I have always printed check on top and it is printing check on bottom.  How do I change this format?”

    This is a common refrain we get from new PrintBoss users.  It makes sense as many other check printing software use the check on top format as their default format.  Particularly for the QuickBooks market, where many are coming to PrintBoss from using pre-printed QuickBooks checks, which are check on top, this is a very reasonable request.Top vs Bottom checks

    When we created PrintBoss, particularly PrintBoss Select and Enterprise, both our QuickBooks versions, we anticipated this would be a common question.  So, we made changing between forms easy.  It’s so easy, in fact, that we put the instructions in a short FAQ:

    But there is a reason the PrintBoss default check format is check on bottom.  It’s quite simple really—banks prefer it that way.  Banks request that the MICR line be printed on the cleanest edge of the paper.  This is so it is easier for magnetic and optical readers used by banks to read it.  The cleanest edge on any check is the bottom edge.  With top checks, the MICR line is printed on a perforated edge that can sometimes be difficult for check readers to read.  With bottom checks, the MICR line is always on a clean edge, resulting in fewer declined checks.

    For this reason we suggest to new clients that they transition to bottom checks.  Again, we understand that they may have a stock of top checks that they want to use before buying new checks of any kind, so we made it easy to switch back and forth.  But for optimal check printing, bottom checks are the only way to go.

    Try the PrintBoss check printing software today with our 30-day free trial.  When you purchase any version of PrintBoss, you get 500 free bottom checks.

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