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Benefits of a Check Printing Software

It takes money to make money.  It’s an old adage that has been the rally call for risk takers and entrepreneurs for generations.  But what does it mean for accountants?  It means that no matter the economic climate, you will always have work to do in accounts payable.  It takes money.  Yes, unfortunately everything does, and it is the job of accounts payable to make sure that money is taken in a way that is suitable for all vendors, clients, and/or partners.

The problem is that often people want money in different ways.  You may have a vendor that prefers to be paid by check, while your employees want to be paid through direct deposit, while another vendor wants to be paid electronically.  And what if a partnering business requires payment through positive pay check?  How do you make sure all parties are paid correctly and in the correct method?

Through a robust check printing software.  But, you might say, direct deposit and electronic payment are not necessarily check payments?  And that is where the beauty of a powerful check printing software lies, its ability to handle payments outside of the simple check printing function (if we can call even that simple!).  Quality check printing softwares, like PrintBoss, allow you to print checks, process ACH and electronic payments, and print direct deposit slips, all in the same run.

PrintBoss knows which customers prefer which types of payments.  With this information, when a check run is processed, PrintBoss will print a physical check for those that require it, ACH files for others, Positive Pay files for the security conscious, and even electronic payment files for the technologically minded.  In this way, your job is made infinitely easier.  Just click print and don’t worry about remembering who wants what, because PrintBoss already remembers.

In this day and age, it is not enough to just print checks.  A check printing software needs to do more, and if it doesn’t it is selling you short.  And the beauty of it is that all of these features don’t have to cost extra.  PrintBoss will do all of this (and a heck of a lot more) for just $150.  Now that is one easy check to write!

It may always take money to make money, but with PrintBoss it doesn’t take much.