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Back-to-School Shopping for QuickBooks Check Printing

The end of summer, marked by sweltering heat and back-to-school shopping is closing upon us.  For parents, back-to-school shopping can be time consuming and costly.  From multiple notebooks, to pens, pencils, colored pencils, and a new backpack, the bill at your local Wal-Mart can add up quickly.  So why not do some back-to-school shopping that will actually save you money?  Instead of spending all your money on notebooks your kids will probably just doodle in, spend it on something that will provide your business cost savings every year.  Spend it on PrintBoss.

Does your business print checks from more than one bank account?  Then you need PrintBoss.  PrintBoss allows you to print checks from multiple bank accounts onto one blank check stock.  This saves you time and money, the two things that back-to-school shopping takes from you.Blank to printed check

The beauty of PrintBoss lies in its simple and intuitive interface and its seamless integration with QuickBooks (as well as more than 30 other accounting softwares).  PrintBoss integrates with your QuickBooks as a printer driver.  This means that all you have to do is print checks as you normally would in QuickBooks, but set your checks to print to the PrintBoss printer.  PrintBoss harbors your banking information in secure, encrypted files and automatically prints the necessary MICR line information on each check.  This bank information is associated with the company name from QuickBooks company files. (Learn more about printing checks with PrintBoss)

This means that all you do is click print in QuickBooks, and PrintBoss takes care of the rest automatically.  This saves you the time of switching in and out different check stocks, and saves you the money on purchasing various stocks for each bank account.  It’s really that easy.

So as summer draws to a close, take yourself back-to-school shopping and get something that will actually save you money and give you more time for…your kids’ back-to-school shopping, I guess.

Try PrintBoss free for 30-days and see how it can help your business.