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An Electronic Payment Software for Every Business

More and more businesses nowadays are accepting and processing electronic payments.  Whether paying vendors or employees, companies are finding it easier to manage these payment types.  But the issue still stands, how do you process these payments?  Are there electronic payment software’s out there that can enable you to process your payables electronically?

The answer is yes: PrintBoss.  Among its many features, PrintBoss is an electronic payment software.  It integrates with a plethora of accounting softwares, including QuickBooks.  So how does it do it?

PrintBoss processes electronic payments two different ways.  The first is through ACH file creation.  For any client, PrintBoss can create ACH payment files.  This feature is both NACHA and Canadian Bank approved, so PrintBoss can generate ACH files for both US and Canadian payments.  The great part about PrintBoss is that it can process both live check and ACH payments, in the same run.  Just process your payables normally and PrintBoss will handle the rest.  For those companies signed up to receive check payment, PrintBoss will print a live check.  For those who have been approved for ACH payment, PrintBoss will automatically create an ACH file and no check will print.  Just click print and PrintBoss will handle the rest.  It’s an electronic payment software that knows what you want.

The second method of electronic payment that PrintBoss offers is through our partnership with the globalVCard paysystems.  This innovative electronic payment solution allows a company to upload a single payment file from its accounts payable system and disburse multiple vendor payments with a click of a button.  The beauty of it is that like the ACH file creation feature, PrintBoss can process globalVCard, live check, and ACH payments all in the same run.  PrintBoss knows which clients get which types of payment and acts accordingly.  This saves you and your business time and money by eliminating the excess paperwork and hassle of processing multiple payment types.  Just click print and your payables are processed.  Learn more about the globalVCard paysystems here.

Try our 30-day free trial to see how the PrintBoss electronic payment software can help you process your payables faster and easier.