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  • Check 21 and Printing QuickBooks Checks

    We’ve had a lot of people ask us about Check 21 (officially known as The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act).  What is it?  Is it secure?  Do I still have to print with MICR toner?  Will PrintBoss help me manage this confusing legislation while printing my QuickBooks checks?

    So what is Check 21?  Check 21 is a federal law designed to enable banks to handle check payments electronically.  The idea behind the law is to make check processing faster and more efficient.  Before Check 21 was enacted in 2004, the bank where a check was deposited had to physically transfer the check or checks to the bank that would pay them.  Now with the Check 21 legislation, banks can take a picture of the front and back of a check and send it, along with the associated payment information, electronically to the bank that will pay it.  If either bank requires a physical copy of the check, a “substitute check” can be printed from the pictures taken.  This saves the banks and us the expense of transporting the checks between banks, as well as the associated time.  This also allows for you to receive back your check with your bank statements.  Check 21 stipulates that any agreement between a bank and its client must continue to be upheld.  By law, banks can return either a substitute check or the original check to you, but this is typically agreed upon between you and your bank which will be returned.

    What about security?  Electronic payment transfer has been around a lot longer than Check 21 has.  All payment information sent between banks is processed via secure technology that has been tested and proven secure.  Print your QuickBooks checks with no fear.

    Do I still need to use MICR toner?  Although few institutions, including banks, still use Magnetic Ink Character Recognition to process checks (desk top MICR readers used by paycheck cashing services are among the remaining dinosaurs), Check 21 still stipulates that magnetic ink is to be used for the MICR line.  This is where PrintBoss helps you print QuickBooks checks in accordance with Check 21.  PrintBoss will print your MICR line accurately and in accordance with Check 21 (just make sure a MICR toner cartridge is loaded in your printer) onto blank check stock every time with no extra clicks.  It can provide positive pay files as well, among a number of other security features.  Click here to learn more about PrintBoss and its features.

    To visit the official Check 21 Federal Reserve FAQs webpage, click here.

  • How to Print QuickBooks Checks from Blank Check Stock

    There is misinformation being circulated regarding the ability to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock, but fortunately for you, PrintBoss is here to straighten things out.  Mis-informants would lead you to believe that it is impossible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock.  In fact, some people who work for the accounting software giant itself will perpetuate this mis-information.  They will explain that it is possible to print checks from QuickBooks, but they must be preprinted checks (i.e. must have the MICR line and such already printed on the check) and the check must be at the top, above the pay stubs.  For QuickBooks users, this means more expensive check stock and weaker compliancy with banking regulations.  Let us explain.

    By purchasing blank check stock, you are saving 70% on what you would be spending with preprinted stock from QuickBooks or any other manufacturer.  Furthermore, blank check stock saves you the hassle of check number confusion as you no longer have to worry about your checks getting out of order since when you print on blank stock, it is PrintBoss that maintains the order, not the check stock.  Also, blank check stock has innate security as account and routing numbers are not on the check until you print it.

    Regarding compliance, banks request the MICR line be printed on the straightest edge on the check.  By printing checks located above their pay stubs, the MICR line is being printed on a perforated edge.  By printing checks located below their pay stubs, which is PrintBoss’ default setting, the MICR line is printed on a clean edge of the paper.

    It is possible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock and PrintBoss is how you do it.  Plus it adds no extra keystrokes.  Seamlessly integrated, PrintBoss saves you money and time, while increasing your security.  It’s the answer to so many of your problems.  For a free trial of the software, click here.

  • Still a grand idea

    PrintBoss helps you work smarter.  With automatic document archiving, positive pay file creation, ACH capabilities, and a whole slew of other features, PrintBoss makes life easier by helping you work smarter not harder.  But before all of this “intelligence”, PrintBoss did something so smart that in 1990 almost no one had done it before.  It printed checks on blank check stock.  It got rid of the expensive, copious, and cumbersome preprinted checks from the bank, allowing accountants around the country to rejoice in the freedom of smart software.

    It seems a simple idea, but it transformed the industry.  That was over twenty years ago and today that fundamental feature is continuing to change lives all across North America.  By saving people time and money by enabling them to print their own QuickBooks checks on blank check stock, which is less expensive and more secure than preprinted check stock, PrintBoss has revolutionized the accounting industry.  And we have done it in style by allowing people to choose from a wide array of color schemes for their blank checks.  Click here to check out our blank check options and click here to learn more about PrintBoss and its smarter way of doing business.

  • A Tale of Two Owners

    One of the ways you can tell if you have created a good software product is when people ask for your autograph at trade-shows.  This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I want everyone to know I have a pen and am happy to use it.  Another way to gauge your product’s value is to have customers telling you new ways to use your product beyond its advertised design. This has happened to me.

    I was talking to a customer who couldn’t say enough good things about PrintBoss (“it’s intuitive, it’s reliable, it makes me a better person,” you know, standard stuff), but she said something that I had never heard before. She explained that she was the controller for her company which had two owners. The owners were out of the office frequently traveling for business. The controller was left to do her job autonomously which worked well except for one small glitch, both owners wanted to see every check she printed so they could be aware of who she was paying and be able to veto a payment if necessary.  You can quickly see the problem: if they are both out of the office, how can they review the checks?  This caused a terrible delay in making payments and it made the controller’s job painfully difficult.

    PrintBoss to the rescue! She realized she could email any document, checks included, that PrintBoss printed with no additional keystrokes. So, every time she printed checks, she set a copy of check to be emailed to both owners. If neither of the owners objected to a payment within 24 hours, she could then send the payment out. The owners were thrilled because wherever they were, even sitting on a beach in Bermuda, every check would show up in their email awaiting their go-ahead.

    Admittedly, emailing checks through PrintBoss was not one of our first thoughts here at Wellspring as emailing is not a sufficient way to send a legal check. But for this company the emailing function within PrintBoss created an innovative and invaluable way to operate its business.  At Wellspring we like knowing we have a great product, but even more, we like it when our customers know it.  If you have a story you’d like to share about how PrintBoss helped your company, let us know here.  If you’d like an autograph, come by our booth at the next show, I have a pen ready.

  • PrintBoss Positive Pay

    The PrintBoss positive pay feature provides an easier and more secure way than ever before to print blank checks.  Even while printing checks from the most secure blank check stock (not to brag, but we sell it here) check fraud is still a threat.  When a completed check leaves your hand, there is a chance that some criminal could wind up with it and manipulate it to defraud you of your hard earned money.  Knowing this concern, years ago, my brother and I took to providing an extra level of security within PrintBoss to fight off these would be financial hooligans.  Did I consider us vigilantes or superheroes?  Sure, I may have worn a cape once or twice to work and requested everyone in the office call me the Caped Check Protector, but most of our energy was put toward finding a real fix.  After several sleepless nights trying to find a workable solution for total check fraud protection (and patching some holes in my cape where it had gotten caught in the car door), I went into the office one morning frustrated that I hadn’t come up with a better solution than putting a picture of me on all our check stocks pointing forward saying, “Don’t you dare!”  My brother Greg, although intrigued with my suggestion, explained that he had found a better solution: Positive Pay files.  Fast forward to today, the PrintBoss positive pay feature provides the highest level of protection from check fraud.

    The positive pay feature extracts and formats data from a PrintBoss check report to your bank’s specifications.  PrintBoss creates a positive pay file and sends it directly to your bank.  This file goes into the check clearing system at your bank and any check that does not match four fields: Payee, Amount, Check Number, and Check Date, will not clear.  With the positive pay feature of PrintBoss, only checks you print for the amount you designate are cleared.

    Do we deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?  Maybe nobody has ever put it in those words before, but considering the benefits of automatic file creation, multiple specifications for multiple bank accounts, and flexibility in implementation of the positive pay file (to name a few), I wouldn’t be surprised if the Norwegian Nobel Committee called soon to congratulate us.  But the accolades are not why we offer this no-additional cost feature.  We offer it to eliminate check fraud.  We offer it because it is the best security available.  We offer it because you, the customer, deserve it.

    The cape may have been retired and the Nobel Prize must still be in the mail, but what allows me to sleep at night is knowing that the Caped Check Protector is still out there protecting the world from check fraud.  PrintBoss is the superhero and with its positive pay feature your checks have never been safer.  Hooligans, be warned!

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