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A Tale of Two Owners

One of the ways you can tell if you have created a good software product is when people ask for your autograph at trade-shows.  This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I want everyone to know I have a pen and am happy to use it.  Another way to gauge your product’s value is to have customers telling you new ways to use your product beyond its advertised design. This has happened to me.

I was talking to a customer who couldn’t say enough good things about PrintBoss (“it’s intuitive, it’s reliable, it makes me a better person,” you know, standard stuff), but she said something that I had never heard before. She explained that she was the controller for her company which had two owners. The owners were out of the office frequently traveling for business. The controller was left to do her job autonomously which worked well except for one small glitch, both owners wanted to see every check she printed so they could be aware of who she was paying and be able to veto a payment if necessary.  You can quickly see the problem: if they are both out of the office, how can they review the checks?  This caused a terrible delay in making payments and it made the controller’s job painfully difficult.

PrintBoss to the rescue! She realized she could email any document, checks included, that PrintBoss printed with no additional keystrokes. So, every time she printed checks, she set a copy of check to be emailed to both owners. If neither of the owners objected to a payment within 24 hours, she could then send the payment out. The owners were thrilled because wherever they were, even sitting on a beach in Bermuda, every check would show up in their email awaiting their go-ahead.

Admittedly, emailing checks through PrintBoss was not one of our first thoughts here at Wellspring as emailing is not a sufficient way to send a legal check. But for this company the emailing function within PrintBoss created an innovative and invaluable way to operate its business.  At Wellspring we like knowing we have a great product, but even more, we like it when our customers know it.  If you have a story you’d like to share about how PrintBoss helped your company, let us know here.  If you’d like an autograph, come by our booth at the next show, I have a pen ready.