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A Premier QuickBooks Add-On

PrintBoss started over 20 years ago with the simple idea to save people time and money by allowing them to print their own checks onto blank check stock.  Over the years, this goal has not changed.  Now, other goals have been added on as more features have been added to the software, but this fundamental objective is still at the heart of our business.  In an effort to accomplish this goal further, we created an integration between PrintBoss and QuickBooks to become a certified QuickBooks add-on.  As such, we knew we could reach more companies, particularly the small to mid-sized businesses.

So what exactly does PrintBoss do as a QuickBooks add-on?  There’s a long answer to this question and a short answer.  The short answer is that as a QuickBooks add-on, PrintBoss does exactly what we set out to do, save you time and money, while increasing security by allowing you to print checks onto blank check stock.  The longer answer resides in the descriptions of the features PrintBoss provides.

As mentioned, the most fundamental feature provided by PrintBoss is the check printing feature.  QuickBooks allows you to only print checks onto preprinted check stock.  This causes a multitude of complications and expenses.  For one, preprinted QuickBooks checks cost at least 80% more than blank check stock.  Furthermore, preprinted checks require you to swap out check stocks for every bank account from which you print checks.  So if you have 5 different bank accounts, then you need five different check stocks.  This can cause headaches as check numbers can get out of order.  You also will run into general inventory frustrations.  With blank check stock, you have one stock for all of you bank accounts.  Not only is it less expensive than preprinted stock, but you never have to worry about printing on the wrong stock or getting your check numbers out of order.  Blank check stock also increases your security as none of your bank information can be stolen from your unused stock, as your routing and account numbers only appear on the stock after you print them.

Stay tuned next week for the other features that make PrintBoss a premier QuickBooks add-on…