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A Check Printing Software that lets you print checks outside of QuickBooks

As accountants, our accounting systems can sometimes take over our lives.  Everything seems to revolve around and within them.  On a personal level it is good to remember that this is not the case, that our lives are not determined by debits and credits.  But even from an accounting business perspective, there are some things that need to be handled outside of QuickBooks.  Amazingly enough, check printing is one of them and a reliable check printing software can help you do this.

PrintBoss allows you to print checks independently of QuickBooks.  They’re called PrintBoss Hand Checks.  You might wonder why you would ever want your check printing software to print checks outside of your accounting software.  The answer is for small payments to vendors not listed in QuickBooks.

They are used like a checkbook for paying petty cash charges such as COD amounts or purchases from a local store.  Hand Checks print with the MICR, bank information, and company information, but require the date, payee, and amount to be filled in by hand or typed in on-the-fly.  They can be used to create a VOID check to send to your bank to insure the signature and check account number will pass through properly.

There is no limit to the number of hand check specifications you can create with PrintBoss. Each file specifies a bank, the PrintBoss form to use, and the method for numbering the checks.  You can have the same numbering sequence as your QuickBooks bank account checks.  Or you can have a separate numbering sequence.  Your choice.

PrintBoss gives you choices on how to print your checks using QuickBooks or not.  It’s a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Try our 30 day free trial to see how PrintBoss can help your business today.