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A Check Printing Software Fairy Tale….

My daughter always loved bedtime stories.  Every night as I tucked her into bed I regaled her with tales of knights, princesses, goblins, sorcerers and anything else that happened once upon a time.  But there was always one fairy tale she asked for again and again.  It was about an evil ruler, a troubled clerk, and a piece of check printing software magic called PrintBoss that solved everything.  It was her favorite.  It went something like this…

Once upon a time in an office not so far away, there worked an overwhelmed clerk who’s evil and wicked boss made him do all the office archiving without the help of check printing software.  Forced to toil in the dungeonesque archival room amidst towering cabinets slick with dust and entwined in spider webs, this young clerk had to manually separate the alphabetical files from the numeric files and sort them accordingly.  It was then decreed he must file them in the many drawers that had been known to swallow whole departments of employees. At the end of each quarter, the clerk had to go back through those same drawers to pull out the last quarter’s copies. Those copies would then go into file boxes that would get labeled and packed in the very back of the archival room in the storage area, where clerks before him had ventured never to be seen again.  The clerk could only return to the land of the living if he brought with him the boxes for the year end reconciliations.  Once year-end was finalized, the clerk was required to put the files back in order in the boxes to be taken once again to the storage room of lost souls.  The evil boss mandated this be done over and over with no end in sight.

Then one day, the clerk’s fairy godmother gave him a magical piece of check printing software called PrintBoss.  “Eliminate archiving completely, my dear.  But be thee fair warned, the demo expires in 30 days,” she advised.  With a wave of her wand and a click of the enter key she showed the young clerk how PrintBoss eliminates all your archiving troubles by doing it for you, electronically.  No more copying, sorting, filing and storing boxes upon boxes of documents.  With the magical software the young clerk vanquished the towering filing cabinets and brought light to the once dark and soulless storage area.  Year end was finally a time of celebration, not banishment, file boxes and resorting.  Even the evil boss, when shown the power of PrintBoss was released from archiving’s evil spell and decreed that all in the land shall use a fully licensed PrintBoss.  The office rejoiced in the glory of the check printing software and the clerk and PrintBoss lived happily ever after.