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Thanksgiving: a bump on the road to Christmas

Thanksgiving: the pilgrims, turkey, way overeating, football. The first in a series of holidays we call “The Holidays” (unless you really care about candy and you also count Halloween). Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often overlooked in the interests of history and pageantry. The youngest students in our educational system dress up like Pilgrims and Native Americans to reenact a celebration of gratitude and friendship.  But amidst the pageantry, these sentiments define this anniversary and great holiday.  They have come to shape our country, our homes, and our businesses.

So it is with this sense of gratitude and friendship that we at Wellspring Software would like to thank all our current and future partners, customers, and friends for your continued business, support and friendship this year and over the many to come.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and gratitude.

The Wellspring Software Team