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How MICR Check Printing Saves You Time and Money

As many PrintBoss users are undoubtedly aware, there are numerous limitations involved with printing checks from QuickBooks by conventional means. The most prominent of these limitations is the fact that pre-printed check stock must be used in conjunction with typical QuickBooks printing.  This is both expensive in terms of pre-production costs as well as tedious from an end-user perspective because of the constant maintenance required to ensure that the correct checks are loaded into the printer before a print job.  If there are any technical difficulties with the printer during a run, checks that are pre-numbered become worthless and require intensive additional bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks to maintain the proper correlation of check numbers.

PrintBoss is an ideal solution to both of the above-mentioned problems inherent to QuickBooks check printing. Our high-quality blank check stock is laden with security features and is a far more cost-efficient method than buying and keeping track of expensive pre-printed stock.  It provides the user with the flexibility necessary to seamlessly print checks between different companies, bank accounts, and even entirely separate QuickBooks databases, all with minimum hassle and unnecessary reconfiguration. PrintBoss is the ideal check printing software solution that allows firms to handle MICR check printing without any specific QuickBooks add-ons and without the necessity of ordering QuickBooks checks for every separate account.

Another benefit of MICR check printing is that you can save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks when you purchase blank check stock.  So they are more secure, have the ability to be used with any bank account, and are a fraction of the cost of preprinted checks.  You can see why we say it’s such a good deal.

Give the software a try with our 30-day free trial.  No strings attached, no credit card given.  Just try it to see how MICR check printing can save your company time and money.