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blank checks

  • Blank Check Printing Changes the Paradigm

    You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole.  We’ve been hearing that since we were one year old.  While this is true, maybe it is not an issue of the peg but rather the hole.  The startup Monohm, out of Berkeley, California are asking this exact question.  They are attempting to change the paradigm of smartphone technology.  Instead of a rectangular phone, they are envisioning a circular one.

    While Monohm might be the first to take this paradigm shift literally from a square something to a circular one, they are not the first to propose a better way of doing something, even if it bucks a trend.  Businesses have printed checks onto preprinted stock for decades.  While in the beginning you simply ordered checks directly from your bank, as time went on you could get preprinted checks from many different vendors.  But at the end of the day, they were still just preprinted checks.  The issue was that they cost a lot, they were a security risk as sensitive information was printed on their face, and they were cumbersome if you had more than one bank account.

    So instead of sticking with that square peg, Wellspring Software, 25 years ago, allowed companies to buy one blank check stock and print their own bank and company information on the check face.  This stock was not only much cheaper, but it also allowed businesses to use just one stock for all their accounts.

    In the end, changing to blank check stock changed the check printing paradigm.  If you print checks from more than one bank account, try PrintBoss today with our 30 day free trial, and save time and money.

  • How to Print QuickBooks Checks from Blank Check Stock

    There is misinformation being circulated regarding the ability to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock, but fortunately for you, PrintBoss is here to straighten things out.  Mis-informants would lead you to believe that it is impossible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock.  In fact, some people who work for the accounting software giant itself will perpetuate this mis-information.  They will explain that it is possible to print checks from QuickBooks, but they must be preprinted checks (i.e. must have the MICR line and such already printed on the check) and the check must be at the top, above the pay stubs.  For QuickBooks users, this means more expensive check stock and weaker compliancy with banking regulations.  Let us explain.

    By purchasing blank check stock, you are saving 70% on what you would be spending with preprinted stock from QuickBooks or any other manufacturer.  Furthermore, blank check stock saves you the hassle of check number confusion as you no longer have to worry about your checks getting out of order since when you print on blank stock, it is PrintBoss that maintains the order, not the check stock.  Also, blank check stock has innate security as account and routing numbers are not on the check until you print it.

    Regarding compliance, banks request the MICR line be printed on the straightest edge on the check.  By printing checks located above their pay stubs, the MICR line is being printed on a perforated edge.  By printing checks located below their pay stubs, which is PrintBoss’ default setting, the MICR line is printed on a clean edge of the paper.

    It is possible to print QuickBooks checks from blank check stock and PrintBoss is how you do it.  Plus it adds no extra keystrokes.  Seamlessly integrated, PrintBoss saves you money and time, while increasing your security.  It’s the answer to so many of your problems.  For a free trial of the software, click here.

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