How do I select a Top/Middle check in PrintBoss?

It should be noted that while top checks are the only way QuickBooks can print preprinted checks, PrintBoss can print all formats, even from QuickBooks. The default style in PrintBoss is bottom check. This is because banks prefer the MICR line to be printed on the cleanest edge of the check, which is NOT a perforated edge, like it is with top checks. For this reason we recommend you use bottom checks. But if you have a stock of top checks that you want to use before switching, we made it easy for you to change formats. The process is slightly different between PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise:

  1. In PrintBoss Select: Options > Configurations > Special Controls (tab Select check style from the drop down menu
  2. In PrintBoss Enterprise: Options > Form/Bank Request List. Find entry for “QuickBooks Voucher Check”. Select the proper check style “Form” from the drop down menu:
    • QB_Chk4 = bottom (default value)
    • QB_Chk4T = top
    • QB_Chk4M - middle