Check Printing Service

What Is The PrintBoss Check Printing Service?

The PrintBoss Check Printing Service takes the hassle out of check printing. You process check payments as you normally would in your accounting system. However, instead of printing checks, PrintBoss sends them to our secure server where Wellspring Software will print, fold, seal, stamp, and mail your checks. By this method, nothing changes in what you do except eliminating the labor and costs of check printing.

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How Do I Sign Up For The PrintBoss Check Printing Service?

It's as easy as clicking a button.

PrintBoss Online Users

Go to the Banks module in PrintBoss Online. Edit the Bank for which you want all checks to be sent by Wellspring Software. Click on the Printing Service tab. Check the radio button next to “Yes, I want Wellspring to Generate/Print/Mail my checks for this bank.” As shown below, all banks default to No. Click Save. We'll initiate microtransactions to verify you own the account and that’s it!

PrintBoss Desktop Users

In PrintBoss desktop, you just need to edit your Pressure Seal check form as shown below. In the PDF section, simply check the box that says, "Send Check to Wellspring Software for Printing/Mailing." All checks processed with that form will be sent to Wellspring for processing. If you do not have a Pressure Seal check form Wellspring Software will work with you to provide one for your accounting system.

How Much Does It Cost?

The PrintBoss Check Printing Service is priced at $0.80 per check plus postage.

Where Are the Cost Savings?

Bank of America estimates the average cost of check writing to be $4 to $20 per check. The majority of this cost is in the labor associated with check printing. By eliminating the labor behind printing, folding, sealing, stamping and mailing, the cost of check printing falls dramatically. Couple this with the costs of the check stock, envelopes, and stamps, the savings associated with the PrintBoss Check Printing Service are significant.