PrintBoss does more than just print QuickBooks® checks. It also prints other accounting documents like invoices, purchase orders, or packing slips. Even more, PrintBoss can distribute these documents any number of ways.

If some of your customers want to receive a document in an electronic format (like email) and others want to receive a paper copy of a document, PrintBoss can handle that with no extra key strokes. With PrintBoss, each customer is marked to receive a fax copy, an email copy, or a paper copy. Simply click print and each copy is sent correctly per the customers’ requests.

Smart Choices

With PrintBoss, document copies are distributed according to the format desired by your customer or vendor. This can be setup in the settings of PrintBoss and then, unless otherwise changed, your customer will automatically receive the necessary documents in the manner and format they want automatically, including:

  • Email
  • Printed paper copy

PrintBoss will even archive your documents (and checks for that matter) automatically on your network, eliminating the entire manual archiving process. PrintBoss was designed to save you time and money, and it accomplishes this for both your check and document management.