PrintBoss can help organize your workday. With Smart Documents™, PrintBoss helps create and deliver the accounting documents you need when you need them. It’s simple, intuitive interface and copious functions give you the tools to improve efficiency by saving time printing and distributing accounting documents.

Know where to go: PrintBoss Smart Documents™ can be delivered automatically anywhere you want. Print documents to any printer on your network and even more precisely to any tray in any printer. Simply by clicking print, PrintBoss will distribute documents throughout the office to the departments that need them. Now if multiple parties need to always review a purchase order, for example, just click print and PrintBoss will know who needs to get it and where they get it. Even more, fill the different trays of a printer with various colored paper and have documents set to print to those trays to differentiate by color.

Know what information to suppress or display: PrintBoss knows what to suppress and display on any given copy. When you print, for example, the accounting documents for an order being shipped out of your warehouse, PrintBoss knows which information to show on the invoice and which to suppress on the packing list. You can select any data that is printed on any document (i.e. Company Name, Account Number, etc.) and then print, suppress, or reformat data based on the value of the selected data.

Print, email, and fax copies: To save paper, try emailing, faxing, or archiving your documents straight from PrintBoss with no additional keystrokes. PrintBoss will create PDF copies of your documents and either attach them to an email or file them to a folder on your network. When archiving, if no folder currently exists for a company, PrintBoss will create one based on the company name. PDF copies are dynamically named based on any number of set criteria such as document number or Company Name. To learn more about PDF copies click here. Fax directly from PrintBoss to save time and PrintBoss will send not only the desired document but a facsimile cover sheet.

Know when to skip a copy: PrintBoss Smart Documents™ know which documents to print and when. Based on data on the document, PrintBoss will know which copies to produce. For example if no email address is given, then no email will be created. Similarly, if in an invoice no physical items that would require a packing slip are listed, then only the invoice will print, not an unneeded packing slip.

PrintBoss is designed to help simplify your workday by helping you organize. PrintBoss knows how you want your documents printed and distributed, so let it worry about that while you take care of other business.