PrintBoss can send an email copy of any document automatically. In fact, PrintBoss determines, based on account settings, which documents to print and which to email. Just click print and have the correct documents sent to a specific printer and tray, while those you want emailed are automatically created and sent. For emailing, documents are converted to Adobe PDF files, which are attached to the email. Document file names are created logically using the document type and number. Documents can be emailed individually, or multiple documents can be attached and sent automatically from an SMTP mail server (if you would rather use Microsoft Outlook instead of an SMTP server, PrintBoss has the option to switch and send mail directly from your Outlook account). Send emails to individuals or to multiple email addresses. Email batch mode is not only optimal for easy one-time emails, but also for regular distributions. PrintBoss maintains an address book of frequently used addresses along with specific batch addresses used regularly. Select a specific batch and send documents to multiple users efficiently. Multiple addresses can be populated in the To, CC, or BCC lines of an email, eliminating duplication of effort.

PrintBoss keeps a log of attempted and successful email sends providing an up-to-date audit trail. In fact, PrintBoss will even pre-screen for incorrect email addresses to avoid unsent emails due to formatting issues. During batch sends, PrintBoss can show pop-ups to resolve ‘bad addresses’, allowing you to manually resolve issues as documents are processed. All of these features are designed to improve efficiency in employee, client, and vendor communications.

No matter which features are activated, settings can be saved for individual users or as common to all users. This gives your business the ability to have PrintBoss work seamlessly within your company while maintaining security. For further security, you can password protect sensitive documents.