Archiving can be time consuming, expensive and generally arduous. It doesn’t take long to accrue a room of filing cabinets of archival documents. The process of manually creating, printing, sorting, filing, and eventually archiving those files is not efficient.

That is why PrintBoss Smart Documents™ can archive themselves. With the PrintBoss Enterprise edition, Smart Documents™ will create, name, and file your documents automatically. There are no extra clicks as it does it automatically when you click print.

Smart Documents™ does this by first creating a PDF of your document(s). PrintBoss can then use this PDF from a number of features beyond archiving, such as emailing. Learn more about PrintBoss PDFs here.

With the PDF created, PrintBoss will dynamically name the file. It does this based on information in the document, such as the invoice number, document date, or payee. PrintBoss will then archive the document in a file anywhere on your computer or network that you request. Like the dynamic naming of the file itself, PrintBoss can name the archive folder from any captured field in the document. The most common field used is the payee company name.

For example, if you have just paid invoice #12345 to ABC Company, PrintBoss will create a PDF of the invoice and then name it “INV 12345”. It will archive this document in the folder labeled, “ABC Company”. If no folder exists, PrintBoss will automatically create a folder and place the file within. You can even have PrintBoss alert you that it is creating a new folder. This way if the company has a dba, you can direct the file to be saved in the appropriate folder.

What’s best is that all of this is done with no extra keystrokes. Just click print and PrintBoss Smart Documents™ know for which documents to print a paper copy and for which to create a PDF version. If you require both, PrintBoss will know that too and print and electronically archive a copy. It’s not just easy, it’s smart.

PrintBoss Smart Documents™ are designed to save you time and money. Automatic archiving does both by removing the hassle of document filing. Try the PrintBoss 30-day free trial today to see how Smart Documents™ can help your business.