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What are Smart Documents™?

Your time is valuable, so let PrintBoss make it more available. In today’s fast paced, professional environment no one has time to print multiple copies of QuickBooks® accounting documents, archive some, email others, fax a few, or distribute in any other way the rest. PrintBoss Smart Documents™ can do all of that and more for you. With no additional clicks in QuickBooks®, distribute your documents exactly how, where, and when you need. Read about PrintBoss Smart Documents® below and then get started with a 30-day free trial.

Smart Documents™...



  • know where to go (different printers, different trays)
  • know what information to suppress or display on each copy
  • can print, email, and fax copies of a document simultaneously
  • know when to skip a copy (e.g. do not email if no email address)


  • know to create an archival copy
  • know how to file the archival copy
  • know how to label each copy


  • can trigger a staple-enabled printer
  • can print to a duplex printer
  • can determine the number of copies for different types of documents
  • can sort documents alphabetically, numerically, or by monetary value
  • can print a watermark on documents
  • Can print from different trays to accommodate different paper colors for each copy. E.g. 3 paper trays with white, yellow, and pink paper to automatically accommodate white, yellow, and pink copies of an invoice


  • can fax using the convenient Wellspring fax service instead of a modem
  • can fax additional documents when sending a fax. E.g. Automatically add license or warranty information to a faxed invoice
  • can include a customized cover page when faxing


  • know how to put different passwords on individual paystubs being emailed
  • can email via Microsoft Outlook
  • can email via your own smtp port
  • can edit the email subject when sending an email
  • can edit the email body when sending an email
  • can specifically name the attachment when sending an email
  • can include additional documents when sending an email. E.g. Automatically add license or warranty information to an emailed invoice