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What are Smart Documents™?

Your time is valuable, so let PrintBoss free it up. In today’s fast-paced, professional environment no one has time to print multiple copies of accounting documents, archive some, email others, fax a few, or distribute in any other way the rest. PrintBoss Smart Documents™ can do all of that and more automatically and simultaneously. With no additional keystrokes in your accounting system, distribute your documents exactly how, where, and when you need them. Read about PrintBoss Smart Documents™ below and then get started with a 30-day free trial.

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Smart Documents - Organize Icon


  • Print to different printers and trays
  • Suppress or display correct information on each copy
  • Print, email, and fax copies of a document simultaneously
  • Sort documents alphabetically, numerically, or by monetary value
  • Skip a copy if needed (e.g. Do not email if no email address)
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Smart Documents - Organize
Smart Documents - Archive Icon


  • Create an archival copy
  • Save archival copy locally or on a server
  • Dynamically name each archived document
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Smart Documents - Archive
Smart Documents - Print Icon


  • Trigger a staple-enabled printer
  • Print to a duplex printer
  • Determine the number of copies for different types of documents
  • Sort documents alphabetically, numerically, or by monetary value
  • Print a watermark on documents
  • Print from different trays to accommodate different paper colors for each copy (e.g. three paper trays with white, yellow, and pink paper to automatically accommodate white, yellow, and pink copies of an invoice)
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Smart Documents - Print
Smart Documents - Email Icon


  • Password protect individual paystubs being emailed
  • Email via Microsoft Outlook or your own SMTP port
  • Edit the email subject and body when sending an email
  • Dynamically name an email attachment
  • Include additional documents when sending an email (e.g. automatically add license or warranty information to an emailed invoice)
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Smart Documents - Email