PrintBoss allows you to print digitally scanned signatures on checks. By filling out this form and sending it in to Wellspring Software, you will receive in return a signature file and key disk to electronically and automatically print signature(s) on your checks. The electronic signature eliminates the need to manually sign or stamp checks. Signing rules can be applied to conditionally print the signature based on a number of variables. Signing rules can designate which signatures should appear on a check at what dollar amounts. Easily print multiple signatures as well. For example, a company could stipulate that if a check is printed for less than $1,000 then it only requires the signature of the controller. But if the check is more than $1,000, then the signing rules require the controller and president’s signatures. By setting these rules within PrintBoss, PrintBoss will automatically print the appropriate signatures on the company’s checks. Any signature or combination of signatures, can require a unique key disk, which is how PrintBoss assigns security to signatures.

Signatures add another level of security within PrintBoss to protect against check fraud. Signatures can be tied to specific bank accounts, thus requiring checks from a bank account to print with specific signatures. Furthermore, signature key disks unlock the signatures themselves within the software. You cannot make a Windows copy of a signature Key Disk. These key disks are created and distributed by Wellspring Software. Duplicate signature key disks can be requested with this form. In another example, a company might require the CEO’s signature on checks over $800. To protect who has access to her signature, the accountant can only access it with the PrintBoss signature key disk. In this way, not all employees with the rights to print checks in PrintBoss (click here to learn more about assigning permissions in PrintBoss) can print checks over $800.

PrintBoss Smart Checks™ know when and how many signatures to include on any given check. If a check requires a signature key disc, PrintBoss will alert you to insert the disc. By simply clicking print your checks are formatted and printed with the requisite signatures, providing the most secure method of check printing available.