Printing Smart Checks

Print checks how and where you want automatically, that’s what we call Smart Checks™. They print from any bank account to any printer and even any printer tray. What's more, PrintBoss Smart Checks print onto blank check stock. This saves you money on the cost of check stock and the inventory cost of stocking multiple preprinted checks for your various bank accounts and/or companies.

Print Checks from Multiple Bank Accounts

The first step is always printing the check document. If you print checks from more than one bank account, then PrintBoss improves this process by printing checks onto blank check stock. This means you can print any check from any bank account onto the same check stock.

You do not have to change check stock in the printer or worry about ordering check stock for each account. You simply print checks from any company, any time you want, and the correct check will print.

Reformatting Your Checks is Easy

Smart Checks™ will format for Canadian requirements when printing checks from a Canadian bank account, too. No more time spent exchanging check stock or reformatting check specs to account for the US and Canadian differences.

Sort and Organize Your Checks

Printing checks in alphabetical order or by order of amount saves you time sorting and organizing your checks to send out to employees and/or vendors. By saving you time, PrintBoss Smart Checks™ allow you to focus on other opportunities for growing your business.

Print Your Checks to Different Locations

By printing to different locations, PrintBoss allows checks or their full sized copies to be delivered to specific departments automatically. No more hassle of running around the office delivering paperwork. Set PrintBoss Smart Checks™ to optimize for your company workflow.

More Security with Smart Checks™

Increase security with Smart Checks™ by printing signatures, logos, and watermarks on your checks. Each printable feature can be set in account settings for any of the unlimited number of bank accounts available with both PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise. Signatures can be set to print based on dollar amount.

PrintBoss Smart Checks™ are designed, like the software as a whole, to save you time and money, while increasing security. By printing checks onto blank check stock and distributing them automatically, PrintBoss makes your business more efficient.