PrintBoss is designed to save you time. It does this through a number of features. From allowing you to use blank check stock to enabling the printing of electronic signatures on your checks, PrintBoss Smart Checks™ make it easier to pay vendors and employees. But these are not the only ways Smart Checks™ improve your business processes to save you time. By simplifying the formatting and setup of your checks, PrintBoss helps you process your payments faster than ever before.

With the information you enter or select in QuickBooks®, namely your company name and bank name, PrintBoss Smart Checks™ automatically select the correct bank from your list of banks in PrintBoss. No extra keystrokes or guesswork involved. If you manage multiple companies in QuickBooks® either for clients or for your own property management company, for example, simply select the company in QuickBooks® and its bank. You can have an unlimited number of banks in QuickBooks®, so just designate from which bank you would like to write the check(s). When you click print in QuickBooks®, the information is passed immediately into PrintBoss. PrintBoss Smart Checks™ will use your company name and bank name to automatically select the correct bank from your unlimited banks in PrintBoss. With the correct bank chosen, PrintBoss will print your QuickBooks® checks complete with the MICR line, including account and routing numbers, in the format designated to that bank account. In other words, just click print.

With PrintBoss Smart Checks™, you no longer have to remember or worry about check numbers. With preprinted checks, printing QuickBooks® checks on the wrong check stock or to the wrong check number can cause serious accounting issues. Even if you have selected the right stock, a printer jam when printing a check can throw off your check numbers. But not with PrintBoss Smart Checks™. Smart Checks™ keep track of your check numbers for you. You print on blank check stock, so you never have to worry about using the “right” check stock. And if there is a paper jam during your check run, PrintBoss will recognize this and automatically reprint the check that jammed.

Further formatting of individual checks is also possible with Smart Checks™. Adjust fonts, font sizes, and even add logo images to QuickBooks® checks to personalize or differentiate accounts. You can even include a “void after [date]” restriction on a check to indicate at what date a check should be voided if it has not yet been deposited.

PrintBoss Smart Checks™ take the hassle and worry out of check formatting and setup. Choose any company and any bank in QuickBooks® and click print. PrintBoss will take care of the rest. Printing checks has never been so smart.