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What are Smart Checks™?

For more than 25 years, PrintBoss has worked with industry professionals to make check printing more efficient and affordable. Print checks from multiple bank accounts to a single check stock and save time and money while increasing security. It's check printing made easy and smart! Check out our Smart Checks™ features below and then get started with a 30-day free trial.

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  • Automatically select the correct bank account
  • Maintain the last check number for each bank account
  • Adjust fonts
  • Include "void after" restriction
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Smart Checks - Format
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  • Apply signatures to checks based on signing rules (e.g. amount, bank account, etc.)
  • Keep track of when secured signatures are used
  • Indicate if a second signature is required
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Smart Checks - Signatures
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  • Print checks in alphabetical order or by dollar amount
  • Use pressure seal stock
  • Print a "mini copy" of the stub and check in place of a second stub
  • Print a full-sized copy of the check on plain paper
  • Format for Canadian requirements automatically when printing from a Canadian account
  • Print company logos
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Smart Checks - Print
Smart Checks - Security Icon


  • Create a Positive Pay file for fraud prevention
  • Use a secure font to reinforce the correct check amount
  • Require additional logins to print
  • Require a physical key to print
  • Require a manager to approve the batch before printing
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Smart Checks - Security
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  • Email secure direct deposit paystubs with unique password protection
  • Generate ACH files instead of printed checks during the check printing process if account marked to be paid electronically
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Smart Checks - ePay