The most fundamental function required by any accounting system is printing accounting documents. Newer versions of accounting software provide alternatives to printing like emailing or electronic payment options, but the problem is that no printing alternative will apply to all customers or vendors. Today, some businesses still require a printed invoice, and even more businesses require a printed check.

Meeting Every Business’s Needs

The ability to use standard accounting software data to provide a vendor or a customer exactly what they need to quickly complete a transaction with your company is one of the strongest features of PrintBoss. PrintBoss will print, email, fax, and/or archive accounting documents automatically. Documents fall into two categories: checks and all other accounting documents.

Easily Manage Accounting Documents with Smart Checks™ and Smart Documents™

With PrintBoss Smart Checks™ and Smart Documents™, managing your accounting documents has never been easier. Visit these pages to learn the advantages of printing with PrintBoss and what we mean when we say, “print Smart Checks™” and “print Smart Documents™.”