PrintBoss creates PDFs to share, print, and archive electronically. It’s designed to save you time by doing the work for you. Do you need to archive old invoices? Or are you required to attain purchase order approval from a boss? PrintBoss can help.

PrintBoss will archive documents directly into any folder on your network. Creating a PDF copy of the document, PrintBoss will dynamically name the document by its number, date, document type, or a combination of these variables and then save it in the appropriate client/employee folder. If no folder exists, PrintBoss will automatically create a folder in the directory and save the document in the folder.

For increased PDF security, PrintBoss can assign passwords to PDFs as well as set PDF files to be read only. Password protected PDFs can be archived or emailed through the PrintBoss software or through Outlook.

PrintBoss can email PDFs directly from the PrintBoss interface. By connecting through an SMTP or through your Microsoft Outlook account, PrintBoss can email PDFs on an individual basis, or can email to a preset batch of email addresses. Thus if your boss is away on a business trip and you need purchase order approval, PrintBoss can email a PDF of the purchase order to gain approval. Or if invoices from a certain vendor are to be seen by all department heads in your company, create a recurring batch email of all of their emails and have PrintBoss automatically send the email when the invoice is created. Learn more about the PrintBoss email function.

All of these applications of the PrintBoss PDF feature occur with no extra software and happen just by clicking print.