PrintBoss features are designed to improve efficiency by allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Emailing with PrintBoss epitomizes this concept. Like the Archiving Feature, PrintBoss converts your documents to PDFs to email them. It can then attach and send emails based on PrintBoss settings. By pulling email addresses from within a document, PrintBoss can do all of this automatically.

PrintBoss Emails All Types of Documents

PrintBoss can email all documents! Do you have some clients that want a paper invoice and others that prefer an electronic invoice? PrintBoss can manage that. What about purchase orders? Some vendors prefer electronic copies sent, while others want paper copies mailed. Some even ask for both. PrintBoss can manage all of those requests.

Emailing with PrintBoss vs. your accounting software

How is emailing a document with PrintBoss different than emailing a document through your accounting software? This question gets to the heart of what makes PrintBoss so smart and efficient. Unlike emailing through your accounting software, PrintBoss can manage all of your document distribution with one click.

For example, when you are using PrintBoss to manage your documents, you can create all your purchase orders for all of your vendors at one time in your accounting software. Instead of manually emailing a few and manually printing for each individual order and vendor within your accounting software, you can just print them all to PrintBoss. PrintBoss will receive all the purchase orders and, based on your PrintBoss settings, automatically email, print, and electronically archive the documents.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

PrintBoss condenses the manual steps you would take in your accounting software to distribute your purchase orders—Just Click Print! This is the beauty of PrintBoss: it does everything in one step. Read more about the advantages of emailing Smart Documents™.

Or try our 30-day free trial to experience PrintBoss Smart Documents™ and eliminate unwanted manual steps.