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Not only does Wellspring Software check stock save you 80% on preprinted QuickBooks® checks, but it is top quality, 24-pound check stock designed to make check printing safe, easy, and secure. It is the first defense against forgery, counterfeiting, alteration, erasure, toner removal, and photocopying. This check stock is designed to print QuickBooks® checks with PrintBoss using the standard form files that are distributed with the PrintBoss software package.

As seen in the check image here, PrintBoss’ default format is to print the check on the bottom. With this format, the MICR line is printed on the cleanest edge of the paper, as preferred by banks. This is opposed to the QuickBooks® top check format where the MICR line is printed on the perforated edge. With that said, PrintBoss can print in any format: bottom check, top check, middle check, 14” check, wallet check, etc. Any format can be selected in the settings window.

Page perforations and check background colors fit exactly with the files distributed with PrintBoss so that checks can be printed within minutes of installing the software. Order checks for QuickBooks® and start printing immediately when you receive them.

Wellspring Software check stock comes in a variety of colors. We stock over ten different check colors to suit your business needs. Visit our shopping cart to see which colors work for you.