PrintBoss Smart Checks™ and Smart Documents™ help automate your accounting system. They know what to print and where to print it. Smart Checks™ and Smart Documents™ can send multiple copies to multiple printers and/or to email addresses and archive folders with one click of a button.


Stop wasting time swapping check stock when you have to print for different entities or from different banks accounts. With PrintBoss Smart Checks™, you use one blank check stock for all of your accounts. So eliminate those filing cabinets or desk drawers filled with preprinted check stock. And stop worrying about check numbers. PrintBoss will keep track of and print check numbers for you. No matter what bank account you are using, PrintBoss knows which check number to use automatically.

Get unlimited bank accounts with both PrintBoss Select (QuickBooks only) and PrintBoss Enterprise. PrintBoss knows which forms to use for which accounts and where to print for each account. PrintBoss’ default check form is check on the bottom because banks prefer a clean edge versus a perforated edge for the MICR. But if you want to print top checks or middle checks, select this in a bank account setting and PrintBoss will print this form moving forward. Thus by clicking print, your various accounts will print correctly, in their various forms, automatically.

Accounting Documents:

Like checks, PrintBoss can print your other accounting documents when, how, and where you like. Do you need to print different copies of accounting documents on different colored paper? Save time by leaving the various colors in different printer trays and/or printers and PrintBoss will handle the rest, printing each copy to the appropriate printer and printer tray every time. If you only have one tray, you can print one copy at a time and simply change paper in the printer between each print.

Instead of printing documents, try emailing them to the customers or vendors who prefer them electronically. PrintBoss will generate printed documents and emails in the same document run based on information within the documents. PrintBoss saves you time by automatically combining multiple accounting documents into one PDF to limit file size so it can be emailed directly from PrintBoss. Even have PrintBoss name the email attachments by document number, date, etc. Just click print and PrintBoss does the rest.


Archive accounting documents with no extra clicks. Never file another paper accounting document. Clean out the back office stuffed with filing cabinets and instead have PrintBoss create and distribute PDF archival copies of your documents. Similar to the email PDFs, it will automatically name the document by the document number, date, etc. No more printing, collating, and filing. It happens automatically when you print.