PrintBoss saves you money. It’s a simple statement, but it is one of the pillars of the PrintBoss software value package. Enabling you to use blank check stock as well as eliminating time spent sorting, collating, and inventorying paper stock, PrintBoss allows for less expensive supplies and decreases printing process costs.

Stop purchasing expensive pre-printed forms. Save 75% on the cost of preprinted checks by using blank check stock. PrintBoss prints the MICR line for you, including the routing and account numbers. Not only are blank checks less expensive than preprinted checks, but you can also use one blank check stock for all of your bank accounts. Instead of having to inventory and choose a different check stock every time you print from a bank account, just use one blank check stock and have PrintBoss print not only the MICR line, but also the check number, logo, and signatures specific to that account. Now if you get a new account or change address, you don’t have to order new checks. Just change the name and address in PrintBoss and click print. Your check numbers will never be out of sync. No more shredding obsolete check stock or printing on the wrong check stock. PrintBoss handles all of this for you and consequently saves you money every step of the way.

Print other forms with PrintBoss and save even more money. Replace multi-part forms with blank white copy paper. PrintBoss will still create as many copies as you need, but do you one better by printing them to different paper trays, printers, and/or even physical locations. So eliminate multi-colored collated paper, opting instead to print different copies from different trays loaded with colored paper. Printing to different printers in different locations will help make sure the right people get the right documents at the right time. All of this cuts down on the cost of not only paper, but also on the time and mistakes of human error.

So save money on your check stock, accounting forms, labor, and inventory all with PrintBoss. Try our 30-day free trial today and see what we are talking about.