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The Benefits of PrintBoss

As a check printing software, PrintBoss saves you time and money while increasing financial security. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and industry-leading security enhancements make PrintBoss an essential tool to integrate with your accounting software. Try our 30-day free trial and experience how PrintBoss can help your company print checks and perform secure document distribution today.

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Save Time

Spend less time swapping forms, matching check numbers, and collating copies. With Smart Checks™ and Smart Documents™, PrintBoss manages your forms for you. By printing checks from multiple bank accounts to one check stock, and emailing, faxing, and archiving any accounting document, PrintBoss makes your valuable time more available.

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Save Money

PrintBoss saves you money by streamlining your paper use and inventory space. Save up to 80% on the cost of pre-printed forms by printing to blank check stock for all of your checks and printing to white paper for your deposits, invoices and more. It's as easy as clicking print!

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Increase Security

PrintBoss adds enough security to counter even the most hardened financial criminals. Print checks onto blank check stock so no one can steal banking information off your unused paper stock. Use encrypted signature files to endorse checks according to their amounts. Password-protect your various bank accounts within PrintBoss, and even assign permissions to your employees. Choose any number of security printing features to appear on your check stock when you print, including (but not limited to) patterns behind the text and secure block numeric amounts. For the ultimate security, activate the Positive Pay feature.

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