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Simple check printing integrated with Sage — multiple bank accounts, one check stock

PrintBoss for Sage

Sage Integration

PrintBoss integrates with nearly all Sage products, from Sage 50 to 500, and everything in between. Print checks as you normally would in Sage, but select PrintBoss as your printer driver. PrintBoss receives company information from Sage and pairs it automatically with the correct bank information. All you do is click print!

Print to Blank Check Stock

Print checks from multiple bank accounts to a single blank check stock. It's more secure since unused stock does not have company or banking information preprinted on the check face.

Blank Check Stock

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By improving the efficiency of many common accounting tasks, PrintBoss for Sage can save you time, lower accounting costs, and improve security for all your check payments.


User permissions, encrypted bank information, and electronic signatures make your payments secure. Feel safe knowing PrintBoss is a trusted Sage Endorsed Partner.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is the most secure check payment method available and PrintBoss makes it easy by creating and sending the Positive Pay file directly to your bank.

ACH Payments Simplified

Create and send ACH payments without disrupting your check payments. All payment types are processed simultaneously, without you needing to differentiate between them.

Email Accounting Documents Automatically

Email invoices, direct deposit statements, purchase orders, or any other accounting documents with addresses pulled from within the document.

From printing on blank check stock to streamlining accounting document distribution, PrintBoss integrates seamlessly with your Sage software.

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PrintBoss for Sage

Which PrintBoss is right for you?

PrintBoss Standard and Enterprise are designed for accountants, bookkeepers, business owners, or really anyone that needs to print checks. Their features may vary, but they both deliver the same uncompromising benefits: save time, save money, increase security.

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Best Check Writing Software of 2017
FEATURES Standard Enterprise
Retail Price $495 $795
Number of sheets of check stock included with purchase 500 500
Service Contract (optional) $100 $100
Seamless integration with Sage
Print other accounting forms (invoices, order confirmations, statements, packing slips, deposit slips)
Print copies to different printers and trays
Generate ACH NACHA files
FTP ACH files to bank
Unlimited bank accounts
Email documents through Outlook
Combine multiple page documents into a single PDF
Use in a Citrix terminal server environment
Create library of PDF files dynamically named by field data