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When you send faxes with PrintBoss Smart Documents you can avail yourself of many features that make faxing more effective and easier.

Effective Faxing

PrintBoss will fax invoices, work orders, or any other document requested by your customer or vendor. All you have to do is generate the document in your accounting software, print it to the PrintBoss printer driver, and PrintBoss will automatically send the fax.

If you have additional information that you want to send with the fax (like warranty information with an invoice for a product on the invoice, or explanatory information for items on a work order), PrintBoss will analyze each document it sends and include any support documents required with the original document.

Easier Faxing

Since faxes sent through PrintBoss are pre-paid, all faxes are automatically sent—no hassle. PrintBoss eliminates hassle further by:

  • Keeping track of the vendors and/or customers who want a fax versus an email or a mailed document. You just click print and PrintBoss will fax, email, or print the document required for each customer/vendor.
  • Allowing you to customize your company image for your clients with the customized cover page offered through PrintBoss.

PrintBoss Puts Your Network at Ease by Keeping Your Network Open

If you send large numbers of documents or documents with attachments, the PrintBoss fax system does not tie up your network or computer sending faxes. Instead, all forms to be faxed are electronically transmitted to the PrintBoss fax service and the fax service sends the faxes using multiple fax machines (also called a “fax farm’) to ensure that the faxes are sent as quickly as possible and without tying up your computers. It saves you and your computers time.

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