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Faxing with PrintBoss

Faxing may not be as common as it once was, but it is still an efficient and secure means of communication. When you use the PrintBoss faxing function, you pre-pay for the number of faxes you think you will use. The price is based on the number of faxes for which you pre-pay. The pre-pay quantities range from 250 faxes up to 10,000 faxes.

Page Quantity Price

Price Per Page$0.11$0.10$0.09$0.08$0.07
Total Cost$27.50$50.00$90.00$160.00$700.00

Fast Automated Faxing

The PrintBoss fax service is secure and simple. PrintBoss pulls the correct fax number from your QuickBooks® accounting software every time. This eliminates not only the hassle of manual faxing, but also error in fax number duplication.

More Security with Individual Fax Accounts

Further security can be added through individual fax accounts. This feature allows all of your employees to have personal fax accounts. This, along with real-time usage and status logs, allows you to keep track of fax usage by user. This is just another way PrintBoss gives you the tools and knowledge to improve business decisions.

If you want to simplify your faxing practices or implement faxing with no additional effort on your part, trust your faxing needs to PrintBoss.