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Updating Operating Systems, QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Add-Ons

This week, Microsoft introduced the newest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10.  Though no release date has yet been announced, this is just the next installment in the ever developing world of operating systems.  For some this is exciting, while for others, new operating system versions bring with them a certain anxiety or just plain fear.  While the new OS versions have fun new features, they often require updating all the other software that you run.

The same can be said for new versions of your QuickBooks accounting system.  As Intuit releases its “new and improved” QuickBooks versions, many of the QuickBooks add-ons you use will become obsolete without an updated version.

It’s a cruel cycle for which small and medium size businesses pay the price.  You make one upgrade to your OS or QuickBooks and then you spend the next week figuring out how to make all your other QuickBooks add-ons work again.

Well, at least with PrintBoss there is a simple solution.  When you have a service contract, updates are included.  Plus, you can call our support team to have them walk you through the update process.  No stress, no hassle.

When purchased with the QuickBooks add-on, the PrintBoss service contract is only $100.  That gives you a year of both technical support and version updates.  We do not have levels of service contracts, nor do we bill by the hour.  For $100 you get unlimited service for any and all PrintBoss related issues.

Like the software itself, the PrintBoss service contract is designed to make your life easier.  Not only does our QuickBooks add-on enable you to save time and money by printing checks onto blank check stock, but our service contract enables you to do so efficiently and without disruption of OS or QuickBooks updates.

Try PrintBoss free for 30 days and work with our technical support team to see how quickly PrintBoss will save you time and money.