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  • How a Check Printing Software Can Save Your Business Time and Money

    It’s the same every year.  The ushering in of the New Year brings hopes and promises that rarely last beyond the celebrations at which they are declared.  Once those party poppers burst, so too do the dreams of change and resolution.  A quick Google search will tell you that something like 90% of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it off the ground.  These articles are quickly followed by tips and tricks to make your resolutions stick.  Make your resolutions happy; make your resolutions in February; yada, yada, yada.  The problem is always the same for your personal resolutions, or those for your business.  No matter what your resolutions are or when you make them, given the constraints of our lives (kids, work, daylight hours, money) we don’t have enough resources to take on extra resolutions.

    Whether you want to go to the gym more, read more, write more, or play more, you simply don’t have the time.  If you want to eat healthier, see more of the world, increase advertisements, or spend less time working, you simply don’t have the money.  In a perfect world, resources would be unlimited and we could easily resolve to be perfect and everyone would be so.  But in our world, resources are scarce and where we decide to invest those resources dictates the success and failure of our resolutions.

    The answer then to how do we succeed in our New Year’s resolutions boils down to increasing resources.  If you want to eat healthier, you need more money to spend on organic groceries and more time to spend in the kitchen cooking up said groceries.  Or if you want to increase your business’ bottom-line by 20%, then you need to either increase revenues or cut costs (or both) and find the time to do so.

    This is where a check printing software, like PrintBoss, fits in.  We’re not going to sit here and spout psycho-babble about being more positive.  We prefer the practical approach.  You need more time and money, and PrintBoss can give you both.

    Every company that prints checks from more than one bank account will save time and money with PrintBoss.  Most businesses don’t even realize they need a check printing software.  Most print preprinted checks straight from QuickBooks and don’t realize that by using PrintBoss they will save at least 80% on the cost of check stock by using blank checks, and will save time and money using one stock for every bank account.

    Resolutions are tough.  There are a lot of reasons we assign to their failures.  But what it all boils down to is a lack of resources.  The PrintBoss check printing software can save you both time and money to allow you to invest in your other resolutions.

    Try our 30-day free trial today to experience the savings and conquer your resolutions.

  • Check Printing Software for QuickBooks: Printing From Multiple Bank Accounts

    One of the most commonly-asked questions regarding the way the PrintBoss check printing software works as opposed to the QuickBooks’ pre-printed check printing method is, “How does PrintBoss know which account I want to use?” Under most circumstances, PrintBoss can actually detect which QuickBooks account a user is printing from without any additional (and potentially error-prone) user input. However, the key to make this feature work is to ensure that the QuickBooks global Printer Setup settings for “Checks/Paychecks” are set properly.

    First, the printer must be set to use the PrintBoss 50 driver instead of the physical printer to which the checks will ultimately be printed. Additionally (and this is vitally important for QuickBooks users with multiple similarly named accounts spanning distinct companies), the “Print Company Name and Address” checkbox should be checked as well. This checkbox supplies PrintBoss with the company name stored for the QuickBooks company along with the checking account name that prints near the bottom of the stub. With those two pieces of data, the PrintBoss check printing software can combine them to arrive at a Bank Code that should be unique to any particular account.

    So before printing checks from QuickBooks to PrintBoss, please make sure that the “Print Company Name and Address” box is checked to enable PrintBoss to select the correct account without any prompting from the user.  With this, all of your check printing problems disappear.

    To give PrintBoss a test run, try our 30-day free trial.

  • How MICR Check Printing Saves You Time and Money

    As many PrintBoss users are undoubtedly aware, there are numerous limitations involved with printing checks from QuickBooks by conventional means. The most prominent of these limitations is the fact that pre-printed check stock must be used in conjunction with typical QuickBooks printing.  This is both expensive in terms of pre-production costs as well as tedious from an end-user perspective because of the constant maintenance required to ensure that the correct checks are loaded into the printer before a print job.  If there are any technical difficulties with the printer during a run, checks that are pre-numbered become worthless and require intensive additional bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks to maintain the proper correlation of check numbers.

    PrintBoss is an ideal solution to both of the above-mentioned problems inherent to QuickBooks check printing. Our high-quality blank check stock is laden with security features and is a far more cost-efficient method than buying and keeping track of expensive pre-printed stock.  It provides the user with the flexibility necessary to seamlessly print checks between different companies, bank accounts, and even entirely separate QuickBooks databases, all with minimum hassle and unnecessary reconfiguration. PrintBoss is the ideal check printing software solution that allows firms to handle MICR check printing without any specific QuickBooks add-ons and without the necessity of ordering QuickBooks checks for every separate account.

    Another benefit of MICR check printing is that you can save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks when you purchase blank check stock.  So they are more secure, have the ability to be used with any bank account, and are a fraction of the cost of preprinted checks.  You can see why we say it’s such a good deal.

    Give the software a try with our 30-day free trial.  No strings attached, no credit card given.  Just try it to see how MICR check printing can save your company time and money.

  • November Employment Stats Show Boost from Small Businesses

    Sometimes it can be hard to define success.  We run analytics, set budgets, and crunch metrics in an effort to set goals from which we can base our company’s success.  But are those the right goals?  It can often feel, as a small business owner, that you are on an island, alone trying to navigate the tumultuous small business seas.

    If you’ve ever felt like that, we have good news—you’re doing something right!  An article on CNN discussed how ADP just produced a report saying that private sector employers added 215,000 new jobs in November.  102,000 of those jobs were added by small businesses (companies with less than 50 employees), while only 65,000 were added by large companies (over 500 employees).

    Small business is doing its part.  It can sometimes feel like you are alone out there trying to survive, so it’s nice to know that together we are making a difference…a big difference.  It’s often said that small business is the engine behind our economy.  This ADP report, we think, proves this.  The projected November unemployment rate is assumed to be around 7.2%, so we still have a ways to go to get back to a healthy economy, but it is clear that the driving force behind that healing is small businesses.

    Here’s to all of us working seemingly alone, but collectively making change happen!

  • QuickBooks Payment Processing Made Easy

    Check printing is a process that we have all accepted as a part of business and, for the most part, it is effective. Today we are inundated with alternative payment methods but the reassuring fact is that checks stand apart as a payment method that can satisfy virtually any payment obligation.

    So why is there so much pressure to replace checks? First of all, it is clear that technology is providing new payment methods that sometimes make payments faster or easier. Often these payment methods are specifically designed to make it faster or easier on your vendor, which is not all bad but, primarily, we need to make sure that we are making our own businesses better whenever we can. But the problem is that there is no payment option that is as universal as checks and if we implement some partial solution we may improve a few payments or, depending on the solution, just one payment, and all of the other payments would be more difficult because you have to keep track of the method of payment for each payable.

    Check printing is a process that we have all accepted as a part of business and, for the most part, it is effective. Today we are inundated with alternative payment methods but the reassuring fact is that checks stand apart as a payment method that can satisfy virtually any payment obligation.

    So why is there so much pressure to replace checks? First of all, it is clear that technology is providing new payment methods that sometimes make payments faster or easier. Often these payment methods are specifically designed to make it faster or easier on your vendor, which is not all bad but, primarily, we need to make sure that we are making our own businesses better whenever we can. But the problem is that there is no payment option that is as universal as checks and if we implement some partial solution we may improve a few payments or, depending on the solution, just one payment, and all of the other payments would be more difficult because you have to keep track of the method of payment for each payable.

    The answer to this confusion would be to either pay everything by the same method, or have some software that can keep track of how each payable is paid. Happily, there is software called PrintBoss that will not only keep track of payment methods but it will prepare each payable in the format required for that payment method. In other words, if you pay some of your payables by check, some by ACH, and some by electronic payment, PrintBoss will produce a check for each vendor expecting a check, it will produce an ACH payment file that you will submit to your bank, and if there are some payables that you pay electronically, PrintBoss can be configured to create the file.

    As you consider alternatives to printing checks it is important to consider how it will affect the way you pay all of your vendors. Because it is highly unlikely that you will change the method of payment for all of your vendors at the same time, it is important to establish a seamless method of paying vendors using more than one payment method.

    So, don’t change just for the sake of change.  Look at the options available for payment processing, and most of all, don’t add complexity! Make sure that you can always pay all of your vendors by a method that they can accept.

    Try PrintBoss’ 30 day free trial to experience the benefits that payment flexibility offers.

  • The Best Accounts Payable Pranks

    We posted a link to a story on Facebook that has been circulating the Internet recently.  In the wake of the $1.05 billion settlement between Apple and Samsung, reports have come out that Samsung sent 30 trucks full of nickels to pay Apple.  Not to burst too many bubbles, but the story is fake, originating on this Spanish satire website.  Despite its inauthenticity, the article got us thinking about how great it would be to prank a vendor you weren’t too fond of.  Now many of you might not think of accountants as being the best pranksters, but we are a diabolical bunch.  We should never be underestimated.  So in case anyone was considering manipulating, deceiving, or just being flat out mean to an accountant or an entire accounts payable team, let this list be a reminder of our power.

    1.  Nickels?  How about pennies?  Sending 30 trucks of nickels might have been pretty good, but sending 150 trucks filled with pennies would have been even better.  You may not have a $1 billion settlement to pay for, but try sending that vendor who sent your invoice late and is now threatening to penalize you a late fee, 100,000 pennies to settle your $1,000 bill.

    2.  Checks please! How’s your landlord?  Have they fixed that toilet that has constantly been running since July?  Remember last winter when you went three weeks without proper heating?  Have they ever changed the carpet in the office since 1973 when the place was built?  Well, for your next rent payment trying sending them your rent’s worth in $1 checks.  This might cost you a little bit more in paper, but the satisfaction of knowing your landlord will have to sign every one of those 3,000 checks, makes it well worth it.

    3.  I Object!  Sometimes it’s just the way vendors bill you.  There are the ones that send you an email from their sketchy Hotmail account with the dollar figure on it and what you can assume is an attached virus.  Then there are the others that make the invoice so convoluted and complicated that you need a PhD in Neuroscience to understand what they were thinking.  So we say object!  For a year, each month call your vendor’s office and dispute every charge on the invoice.  Argue until your voice is hoarse, no matter how ridiculous your position is, and then if they don’t relent, make a big deal about how you are going to pay this time but they better not try to pull these shenanigans again or you will be calling back.  By June they may not take your calls anymore, but hey, maybe they will stop sending you bills!

    4.  Two can play at that game!  As discussed in #3, some vendors make it too complicated.  I mean all you did was order a couple reams of paper and their line items include the blade that was used to chop down the tree and .002% of the cost of displacing a squirrel.  Well, two can play hardball.  Instead of paying with one nice clean check, pay with as many methods as possible.  Send a couple checks of a dollar here and a dollar there.  Make them create a PayPal account to receive $5 that way.  Request you set up an ACH portal to send payment electronically.  Send them .0004 Bitcoins!  When they tell you they prefer one method of payment, tell them you prefer no payments and, “we all can’t get what we want.”

    These are just a few ideas we thought we would share for the disgruntled accountants out there.  If you have any of your own ideas for Accounts Payable Pranks, share them on our Facebook page or tweet them with #ApPranks

  • QuickBooks Add-On Makes Accounting Easier

    Do more with QuickBooks and PrintBoss!  QuickBooks is a powerful small-business accounting package, but it doesn’t always do everything your business needs.    PrintBoss integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and saves you time and money.  PrintBoss, a QuickBooks add-on, can print to blank check stock, print documents to different printers, print signatures and logos, create Positive Pay files, and more!

    Select PrintBoss as the QuickBooks default check printer to print to blank check stock.  PrintBoss prints all of the check formats available in QuickBooks and more, including:

    • Voucher Style – PrintBoss can print checks on the top, middle, or bottom stub just by selecting the check format within PrintBoss.
    • Standard – Simply select the Standard Check Style within QuickBooks and PrintBoss will print as Standard check.  It will also ask if you are starting with the second or third check on the page.
    • Wallet – Similar to Standard checks, PrintBoss will inquire if you are starting with the second or third check.

    Printing to blank check stock is economical and secure.  Blank check stock eliminates the need to lock up preprinted checks where the account number is already printed.

    But printing to blank check stock is not the only way PrintBoss saves you time and money.  Using a QuickBooks add-on to print to different printers has never been easier than with PrintBoss.  The Multi-Parts and Printers tab on the PrintBoss form allows you to select different printers and printer trays for printing documents.  You never need to print 2 copies from QuickBooks again.  Simply print to PrintBoss and allow the PrintBoss form to print the desired number of copies to the right printers and printer trays.

    PrintBoss also makes it easy to print Signatures and Logos as well.  Do you have multiple companies with different logos?  No problem for this QuickBooks add-on.  Each PrintBoss bank record has a Signatures & Logos tab.  Add one logo and up to 2 signatures for each bank record.  PrintBoss will automatically print the correct logo and signature(s) when the bank record is selected during printing.  The Signatures & Logos tab allows you to adjust the placement and size of each logo and signature as well.  Both JPG and BMP files can be used with PrintBoss.

    Furthermore, Positive Pay files have become an important security tool for many companies to prevent check fraud.  PrintBoss, as a QuickBooks add-on, has the ability to create Positive Pay files to submit to your bank.  Whether your bank will accept one of the standard files provided with PrintBoss or whether you need to order a custom file, this QuickBooks add-on automatically creates the Positive Pay file for each check batch and saves it to the location you designate.  There are no extra steps during printing.  Both checks and the Positive Pay files are processed at the same time.

    If you are looking for a QuickBooks add-on that will save you time and money, try PrintBoss today.  In fact, we are so confident you’ll like it, we’ll let you try it FREE for 30-days.

  • Optimize QuickBooks Direct Deposit

    As you may have read in our blog, last week Wellspring Software attended the Sleeter Group Solutions13 Conference in Las Vegas as a vendor.  We had the opportunity to talk with a bunch of CPAs and QuickBooks ProAdvisors about their businesses and about how PrintBoss could help them and their clients.  QuickBooks direct deposit was on a lot of peoples’ minds.  While the majority of people print checks (which we love to hear), we also heard a lot of attendees say that they use the QuickBooks direct deposit feature for payroll.  This was music to our ears, because PrintBoss makes processing QuickBooks direct deposit easier.

    PrintBoss can print checks and direct deposit statements in the same check run.  We understand that not all of your employees are the same.  Some prefer checks they can deposit by hand for security reasons or because they haven’t gotten payroll the paperwork to move to direct deposit,  while others don’t want the hassle of paper checks and so have signed up for direct deposit.  So instead of making you process paper checks in one run and direct deposit statements in another run, PrintBoss allows you to do both simultaneously.  It does this by knowing which employees want checks and which want QuickBooks direct deposit statements.  All you have to do is click print.

    What’s more, PrintBoss can create and send electronic direct deposit statements.  PrintBoss will create PDF copies of the statements and email them to your employees.  It will even password protect the PDF statements so only your employee can view his or her QuickBooks direct deposit statement.

    PrintBoss is designed to save you time and money throughout your accounts payable process.  PrintBoss optimizes QuickBooks direct deposit by making it run seamlessly beside your other accounts payable processes like check printing.  This is just one of the many ways PrintBoss helps businesses.

    Try our 30-day FREE TRIAL to experience how PrintBoss can optimize your QuickBooks direct deposit process.

  • Flexibility in Your Check Printing Software

    It seems everything nowadays is about giving you more flexibility.  Our phones now email, talk, and take pictures.  Our cars have built in navigation systems, Bluetooth, and can even park themselves so you can enjoy your vanilla latte while you drive.  Even tablet computers are becoming more flexible as they can surf the web, take pictures, and be used as a book or, after you drop it in the bathtub, a paperweight.  So why wouldn't your check printing software offer you flexibility?  With PrintBoss, it does.

    There are several features in PrintBoss that give you control over how your checks look.  But no matter what check printing software you use, it should have these features:

    Check Format Flexibility

    With PrintBoss you can choose to print in three formats: stub/stub/check; check/stub/stub; and stub/check/stub.    When purchasing QuickBooks checks, these formats are more commonly known as bottom checks, top checks, and middle checks, respectively.  Through more than 23 years in the check printing software business, we've found that banks generally prefer the MICR line to be printed on the clean edge of the check, thus preferring the stub/stub/check format.  No rough, torn edges to slow down the process.   But you may have another preference, and PrintBoss gives you a choice.   You can order QuickBooks checks from Wellspring Software in any format.

    Language Settings

    PrintBoss even provides the flexibility to print QuickBooks checks in French.  With PrintBoss you can now print the check amount in words in French.  PrintBoss utilizes the Google Language translator to make it happen.

    Signature Printing

    With PrintBoss you can also choose to print a signature on your checks, automatically.  Signatures can print on every check, or based on amount limits.  The signatures are tied to a bank record so that it is easy to have different signatures for many accounts.

    Multiple Client Management

    PrintBoss gives flexibility to accountants and CPAs as well.  If you manage multiple clients, each client may have different requirements for information on their checks.  With PrintBoss you can choose different logos for each company, as well as different text to appear on each check.  There is flexibility and choice built into the Bank Profile record which defines for PrintBoss the data that should print on the check for that specific company.

    Flexibility puts you in the driver’s seat.  It lets you, the person who knows the most about your company, make decisions for your company.  PrintBoss gives you this flexibility in your check printing software.  It lets you choose how to print your QuickBooks checks.  So, choose a check printing software that is flexible, secure and easy to use.  Choose PrintBoss.

    Try our 30-day free trial to experience the benefits of a flexible check printing software.

  • Sleeter Group Solutions 2013 Wrap Up

    It’s rare to leave Vegas on top.  But that’s exactly what everyone did who attended the Sleeter Group’s annual Solutions conference, Solutions13Wellspring Software attended the conference as an exhibitor.  We had the chance to meet countless attendees all of whom were eager to learn not only about QuickBooks, but also about the many third-party products available in the market.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to talk about QuickBooks check printing.  A special thanks to the attendees who participated in our payments survey.  Enjoy your Starbucks treats!!

    Did you know that over 90% of the conference attendees pay payables through check printing, according to our survey?  The next closest medium through which companies paid payables was used by less than 50% of those polled.  In other words, checks are still far-and-away the most trusted method of payment.

    We got to hear a number of great talks at the conference.  Starting with Doug Sleeter’s discussion about trends in SMB accounting technology and how accountants, bookkeepers, and CPA’s alike need to be client-centric, fitting solutions to clients and not clients to solutions.  This was a great way to open the conference, getting everyone in the right mindset.  We were pleased to speak with many attendees later at our booth who were excited to find a product like PrintBoss that fit well with their clients’ needs.  The first question we always ask is, do you or your clients print checks from multiple bank accounts?  If the answer is yes, then PrintBoss is the right solution for your and their needs.

    Brad Smith’s talk on embracing change in the SMB market and how Intuit plans to further assist small business success, gave a great indication where Intuit is going and what partners and users alike can expect from the accounting giant.   According to Intuit’s CEO, Intuit is committed to actually helping shape our business future. We are very comfortable being part of the vision Intuit is bringing to small and mid-size businesses.

    David Cieslak (a Wellspring Software partner) gave a fun and informative talk on the latest technology in the industry.  From new ultrabooks, to smart phones, to Hot Tugs (floating hot tubs), David reviewed a number of products that can help (or not help) make businesses more productive.

    All in all we had a great time at the Solutions13 conference and look forward to Solutions14 next year also at Caesars Palace.  To everyone that stopped by our booth, thanks for talking to us and sharing your ideas.  What’s nice is that this is one of those rare times when what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.  We plan on taking everything we learned from the conference back home to St. Louis and using it to improve and better serve our current and future customers.

    ‘Til next year!

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