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Save Money with PrintBoss

Someone once showed me a plan where I could save money in my business by making the parking lot closer to my office. By removing a flower plot, adding a few parking spaces, and walking 15 less steps to and from my car each day, I would, apparently, realize a treasure trove of savings.  Really?  I tried running between my car and desk a few days, saw no return and stopped.  The problem, besides realizing how out-of-shape I was, is a general acceptance of a vague business mantra: Save Money.  Don’t get me wrong, I try to save anywhere I can, a lesson I learned from my Dad who used to hang up used paper towels for reuse.  But, to affect real savings one must be smart and efficient about it.  More simply, in the accounting industry, saving works when one uses PrintBoss.

PrintBoss prints checks onto blank check stock which is about one quarter the price of pre-printed check stock.  If you are printing invoices or other accounting documents with PrintBoss you are printing onto blank white paper and saving over 90% of the price you would otherwise pay for pre-printed stock. So, with the very first form you print with PrintBoss you are literally saving money.  It’s smart and efficient.

Furthermore, when you print forms with PrintBoss you can print a form and have it faxed or emailed at the same time. This saves money because everything happens at once: printing, faxing, emailing and even creating an archival copy of the document. With no effect on the printing process, you can encourage any of your customers to start accepting electronic forms. You simply tag a customer and PrintBoss will automatically send an email form, which will continually reduce the cost of paper forms that you are sending.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t build that new parking spot in your lobby or ring out your used paper towels, I’m just saying that PrintBoss will save you the money that affects your bottom line.  It can do that because it’s smart and efficient, like you.

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