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QuickBooks Check Printing with PrintBoss Select and Enterprise

We have had several clients ask us recently what the main differences are between our PrintBoss Select and Enterprise products.  In some cases, they have done the 30 day trial of PrintBoss Enterprise, but then when they purchase the software, they order PrintBoss Select.  Inevitably, we get calls asking why their demos had these features but now after they purchased the software, they can no longer do all of those same things.  In an effort to answer and prevent much of this confusion, we thought we’d take some time and space on our blog to explain the two and provide links to more information about each.

PrintBoss Select

At just $150, the Select version is designed as an out of the box check printing solution.  When we first ventured into the QuickBooks market, we found the user base to have slightly different needs than our historical clients.  This customer segment needed unlimited bank accounts and wanted to be able to print signatures on checks.  They wanted to be able to use Positive Pay and print logos on their checks as well.  They didn’t need things like emailing or archiving accounting documents.  In order to meet their needs, we created PrintBoss Select.  It is designed to be an inexpensive, easy to use, low maintenance check printing solution.Select & Ent.

Select’s plug and play type structure does not lend itself to form customization or Citrix environments.  What it does do is enable top, middle, or bottom check printing.  It works with all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online and it allows you to print deposit slips and create ACH payment files.  The market asked for something simple and intuitive, so we gave it to them.

PrintBoss Enterprise

Like its Select sibling, Enterprise was designed to be easy to use and intuitive.  At $795, it comes with all the bells, whistles, and extras you could ask for.  When compared to products with similar features, Enterprise’s $750 price point lies well below the competition.  While maintaining all of the features of Select, Enterprise adds further features and allows for more form customization.

PrintBoss Enterprise allows you to email and fax copies of all of your accounting documents.  It will even automatically archive documents after being printed.  Part of this archiving feature is Enterprise’s ability to not only name documents based on things like company name or invoice number, but also create folders on your network if they do not already exist.

Enterprise also works in a Citrix environment and works with other accounting packages beyond QuickBooks.  In general, PrintBoss Enterprise was designed to allow you to do anything and everything you need to do.

For a quick breakdown on feature differences between Select and Enterprise, go to our Free Trial page and scroll to the bottom.  And while you’re there, download our free trial to see how both Select and Enterprise can save your company time and money, while increasing your security.  In the setup process of the free trial, you will be able to pick which version you want to try.