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  • QuickBooks Check Printing Software Solves Valentine's Day Dilemma

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  This day divides the sexes more than healthcare does political parties.  To women this day excites feelings of love, romance, and sharing.  To men, the ubiquitous hearts around grocery stores and pharmacies beginning February first, drum up feelings of dread, anxiety, and paralyzing pressure.  For women, Valentine’s Day is a natural expression of how they feel, a chance to put into cards, gifts, and gestures the love they have for those closest to them.  For men, V-Day is more akin to D-Day, as they storm the beaches of their respective relationships with little hope and no back-up.

    But there is hope.  Here at Wellspring Software, we’ve been on both sides of this divisive day.  That’s why, among other reasons like saving accountants time and money while increasing their security, we created PrintBoss.  Buy your significant other a PrintBoss license for Valentine’s Day and ladies, give your man the tools he wants to print QuickBooks checks, and gentlemen, show your woman you care enough to provide her the accounting security she needs all year round.

    Some may laugh at the notion of giving your loved one a QuickBooks check printing software for a day dedicated to romance and love.  But why do we give red roses?  Because they are beautiful and are the color of love.  Well, PrintBoss’ elegant interface will leave you breathless and each copy of PrintBoss includes 500 blue/red checks that are reminiscent of a royal blue sky fading to the red hues of sunset.  What’s more romantic than that?

    Why do we give chocolates?  Because they are sweet and decadent just like the love you share with your significant other.  Well, if it’s a sweet tooth you’re looking to satiate, then let your loved one sink her teeth into the sweet features of PrintBoss that will enable her to create ACH files or print checks to blank check stock.  You want decadence?  What’s more self-indulgent than using a piece of software that will do everything you want automatically, like emailing purchase orders and filing archival PDFs of your accounting documents?

    Let’s make Valentine’s Day fun and easy for everyone.  Show your loved ones how much you care, by giving them PrintBoss.

    Download a 30 day free trial today.

  • The Best QuickBooks Conferences of 2014

    The biggest weekend in football is only a couple days away—Super Bowl Weekend!  This is the culmination of the NFL season.  This is when all the dedication, practice, persistence, and skill of the two best teams collide to crown a champion.  It’s great because it puts on center stage the best that the NFL has to offer.  Like many things do here at Wellspring Software, this got us thinking, what is the Super Bowl of the QuickBooks market?

    We came to the conclusion that what brings together the best the QuickBooks market has to offer are the several QuickBooks focused conferences that go on each year.  It’s at these conferences that the most innovative and integrated third party products are put on display.  It’s at these shows that the Intuit marketplace opens up and you can see firsthand what these QuickBooks developers can offer.

    It’s tough to name just one of these conferences as the Super Bowl of the QuickBooks market.  Each conference is different and lends itself to different groups.  For this reason, we have highlighted what we see as the top three conferences for the QuickBooks market in 2014.  Collectively, they make up the QuickBooks Super Bowl.  We hope to see you there!

    Intuit Reseller Rally 2014

    Intuit has renamed this conference from its 2013 version “Intuit Reseller Roundup,” to the above stated “Intuit Reseller Rally.”  The 2014 version of the conference should be bigger and better.  Designed for Intuit Premier Resellers, the event gives Intuit a chance to showcase the innovation taking place in their marketplace and the many ways they are working to help their best resellers grow.

    When: February 16-18, 2014

    Where: Hyatt Regency – San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA

    Scaling New Heights 2014

    To be held at the JW Marriott in San Antonio, from June 15-18, Scaling New Heights focuses on providing QuickBooks consultants resources and learning opportunities to master Intuit products and develop their own services.  The conference also provides the chance to network with fellow QuickBooks consultants and vendors.  With in-depth classes and tutorials, as well as cutting edge keynote addresses, the Scaling New Heights conference cannot be missed in 2014.


    When: June 15-18, 2014

    Where: JW Marriott—San Antonio, Texas

    Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference

    Solutions14 will be held once again at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, from November 9-12.  Any conference in Vegas is worth attending just as an excuse to see a few shows and spend some time in the warm desert.  But even if this conference were held in Fargo, North Dakota it would be worth making the trip.  Sleeter prides itself on delivering the latest and leading technologies in the accounting world.  Although the conference has historically been QuickBooks driven, in recent years it has opened to include more accounting packages like Sage and Xero.  Come hear about the technology forces changing the accounting industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve and provide your clients the best tools available to be successful.


    When: November 9-12, 2014

    Where: Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV

  • Hidden Fees in QuickBooks® Check Printing Softwares

    Let’s talk about hidden fees.  In today’s price conscious, Internet age, hidden fees have become common practice.  It’s been popularized by the airline battles, namely by Southwest.

    But this same thing happens in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  From inventory management systems, to tax software, to check printing software the QuickBooks add-on market is designed to help QuickBooks users get the most out of their accounting software.  Yet how can a business judge the value of a product when the pricing of the add-on is not transparent?

    Here at Wellspring Software, we are particularly aware of this in regards to check printing softwares offered in the QuickBooks add-on marketplace.  In an effort to help you as the consumer better evaluate the cost and overall value of a check printing software, here are a few hidden fees you should look out for.  We follow each fee with guidelines on how these issues should be handled in what we call, the PrintBoss Way:

    Bank Account Validation

    Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares require you to “validate” every bank account from which you print checks.  Often this means the software will draw a certain amount of money from your account (typically a number of cents) to verify that the account works.  For every account you open, this occurs and this money is never refunded.  Furthermore, this validation process takes 7-10 days typically.  Often they will offer an expedited validation process for a fee.

    PrintBoss Way: Adding a bank account to your check printing software should be quick, easy, and painless (i.e. cost nothing).  For heaven’s sake, these are your bank accounts!  Adding a new bank record should be as easy as filling out the necessary bank information (Bank name, address, MICR information, etc.) and then clicking OK.  No wasted time.  No wasted money.

    Customer Validation

    Hidden Fee: Like bank validation, some softwares require each customer that you are going to pay through your check printing software, to be validated.  Again, like the bank validation, this usually takes 7-10 days and costs a fee for processing and/or expediting.

    PrintBoss Way: Our philosophy is simple—these are your customers, you should be able to pay them simply and cheaply.  So there is no customer validation in PrintBoss.  When you pay invoices in QuickBooks, the information flows through to PrintBoss, and the check is printed.  There is no 7-10 day waiting period.  If you just started buying paper from a new supplier, cut them a check that same day, with no extra hassle.

    Extra Software

    Hidden Fee: Some check printing softwares won’t advertise that in order to use their software, you need to purchase some other add-on to enable you to print checks.  Whether that other add-on allows their software to connect with QuickBooks or is part of the numerous validation processes they make you go through, it costs you extra dough.

    PrintBoss Way:  This doesn’t make sense to us.  If you want to print checks onto blank check stock, then by-gosh you should be able to.  You shouldn’t need to by a whole basket of softwares.  If you say your software can print checks onto blank check stock, then it alone should be able to manage that.  The software purchased should be the software advertised.

    Number of Bank Accounts

    Hidden Fee: Many check printing softwares come with a finite number of banks accounts available.  If you need more banks then you have to buy them.

    PrintBoss Way: Bank accounts are key to what you do.  Whether you’re printing checks for a vast number of clients or your company just has a lot of bank accounts, you should be able to print from all of them.  All PrintBoss QuickBooks products come with unlimited bank accounts.  Just click add bank and voila, you have another bank.

    Transparency is key in marketing.  That’s why when we say PrintBoss Select is $150, it’s $150.  That’s not a yearly fee and that comes with no hidden costs.  We certainly encourage customers to get a yearly maintenance plan to cover technical support and product upgrades (if you update operating systems or QuickBooks comes out with an update), but when we say you can start printing checks onto blank check stock for $150 out of the box, we mean it.

    In fact, you can start printing checks for free for 30 days with our free trial.  Give it a try and experience the value of transparency.

  • How a Check Printing Software Can Save Your Business Time and Money

    It’s the same every year.  The ushering in of the New Year brings hopes and promises that rarely last beyond the celebrations at which they are declared.  Once those party poppers burst, so too do the dreams of change and resolution.  A quick Google search will tell you that something like 90% of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it off the ground.  These articles are quickly followed by tips and tricks to make your resolutions stick.  Make your resolutions happy; make your resolutions in February; yada, yada, yada.  The problem is always the same for your personal resolutions, or those for your business.  No matter what your resolutions are or when you make them, given the constraints of our lives (kids, work, daylight hours, money) we don’t have enough resources to take on extra resolutions.

    Whether you want to go to the gym more, read more, write more, or play more, you simply don’t have the time.  If you want to eat healthier, see more of the world, increase advertisements, or spend less time working, you simply don’t have the money.  In a perfect world, resources would be unlimited and we could easily resolve to be perfect and everyone would be so.  But in our world, resources are scarce and where we decide to invest those resources dictates the success and failure of our resolutions.

    The answer then to how do we succeed in our New Year’s resolutions boils down to increasing resources.  If you want to eat healthier, you need more money to spend on organic groceries and more time to spend in the kitchen cooking up said groceries.  Or if you want to increase your business’ bottom-line by 20%, then you need to either increase revenues or cut costs (or both) and find the time to do so.

    This is where a check printing software, like PrintBoss, fits in.  We’re not going to sit here and spout psycho-babble about being more positive.  We prefer the practical approach.  You need more time and money, and PrintBoss can give you both.

    Every company that prints checks from more than one bank account will save time and money with PrintBoss.  Most businesses don’t even realize they need a check printing software.  Most print preprinted checks straight from QuickBooks and don’t realize that by using PrintBoss they will save at least 80% on the cost of check stock by using blank checks, and will save time and money using one stock for every bank account.

    Resolutions are tough.  There are a lot of reasons we assign to their failures.  But what it all boils down to is a lack of resources.  The PrintBoss check printing software can save you both time and money to allow you to invest in your other resolutions.

    Try our 30-day free trial today to experience the savings and conquer your resolutions.

  • How MICR Check Printing Saves You Time and Money

    As many PrintBoss users are undoubtedly aware, there are numerous limitations involved with printing checks from QuickBooks by conventional means. The most prominent of these limitations is the fact that pre-printed check stock must be used in conjunction with typical QuickBooks printing.  This is both expensive in terms of pre-production costs as well as tedious from an end-user perspective because of the constant maintenance required to ensure that the correct checks are loaded into the printer before a print job.  If there are any technical difficulties with the printer during a run, checks that are pre-numbered become worthless and require intensive additional bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks to maintain the proper correlation of check numbers.

    PrintBoss is an ideal solution to both of the above-mentioned problems inherent to QuickBooks check printing. Our high-quality blank check stock is laden with security features and is a far more cost-efficient method than buying and keeping track of expensive pre-printed stock.  It provides the user with the flexibility necessary to seamlessly print checks between different companies, bank accounts, and even entirely separate QuickBooks databases, all with minimum hassle and unnecessary reconfiguration. PrintBoss is the ideal check printing software solution that allows firms to handle MICR check printing without any specific QuickBooks add-ons and without the necessity of ordering QuickBooks checks for every separate account.

    Another benefit of MICR check printing is that you can save 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks when you purchase blank check stock.  So they are more secure, have the ability to be used with any bank account, and are a fraction of the cost of preprinted checks.  You can see why we say it’s such a good deal.

    Give the software a try with our 30-day free trial.  No strings attached, no credit card given.  Just try it to see how MICR check printing can save your company time and money.

  • QuickBooks Add-On Makes Accounting Easier

    Do more with QuickBooks and PrintBoss!  QuickBooks is a powerful small-business accounting package, but it doesn’t always do everything your business needs.    PrintBoss integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and saves you time and money.  PrintBoss, a QuickBooks add-on, can print to blank check stock, print documents to different printers, print signatures and logos, create Positive Pay files, and more!

    Select PrintBoss as the QuickBooks default check printer to print to blank check stock.  PrintBoss prints all of the check formats available in QuickBooks and more, including:

    • Voucher Style – PrintBoss can print checks on the top, middle, or bottom stub just by selecting the check format within PrintBoss.
    • Standard – Simply select the Standard Check Style within QuickBooks and PrintBoss will print as Standard check.  It will also ask if you are starting with the second or third check on the page.
    • Wallet – Similar to Standard checks, PrintBoss will inquire if you are starting with the second or third check.

    Printing to blank check stock is economical and secure.  Blank check stock eliminates the need to lock up preprinted checks where the account number is already printed.

    But printing to blank check stock is not the only way PrintBoss saves you time and money.  Using a QuickBooks add-on to print to different printers has never been easier than with PrintBoss.  The Multi-Parts and Printers tab on the PrintBoss form allows you to select different printers and printer trays for printing documents.  You never need to print 2 copies from QuickBooks again.  Simply print to PrintBoss and allow the PrintBoss form to print the desired number of copies to the right printers and printer trays.

    PrintBoss also makes it easy to print Signatures and Logos as well.  Do you have multiple companies with different logos?  No problem for this QuickBooks add-on.  Each PrintBoss bank record has a Signatures & Logos tab.  Add one logo and up to 2 signatures for each bank record.  PrintBoss will automatically print the correct logo and signature(s) when the bank record is selected during printing.  The Signatures & Logos tab allows you to adjust the placement and size of each logo and signature as well.  Both JPG and BMP files can be used with PrintBoss.

    Furthermore, Positive Pay files have become an important security tool for many companies to prevent check fraud.  PrintBoss, as a QuickBooks add-on, has the ability to create Positive Pay files to submit to your bank.  Whether your bank will accept one of the standard files provided with PrintBoss or whether you need to order a custom file, this QuickBooks add-on automatically creates the Positive Pay file for each check batch and saves it to the location you designate.  There are no extra steps during printing.  Both checks and the Positive Pay files are processed at the same time.

    If you are looking for a QuickBooks add-on that will save you time and money, try PrintBoss today.  In fact, we are so confident you’ll like it, we’ll let you try it FREE for 30-days.

  • QuickBooks Add-On Software at the Sleeter Conference

    The Sleeter Conference starts in just more than two weeks and if anyone was
    wondering about QuickBooks Add-Ons, that is where they should go. Alluring Las
    Vegas plays host to the ever informative Sleeter Conference, and the conference
    will be overflowing with the latest Add-On products for QuickBooks. As an
    accounting product QuickBooks has met the need of literally millions of small
    businesses that require a simple, yet flexible way to track the finances of a small

    One of the most effective features of QuickBooks to meet the needs of small
    businesses is the library of Add-On products that is constantly growing to meet the
    specific needs of almost any small business you could imagine. These days it is
    sometimes hard to know where to look for Add-On products. Traditionally the Intuit
    Market Place has been a rich resource of Add-Ons but not all new products are
    included there so you have to Google search QuickBooks Add-Ons to make sure you
    have not overlooked a new and easy answer to any specific need or accounting
    requirements for a specific type of business. At the Sleeter Conference there will be
    scores of vendors that have written software and created devices that allow
    QuickBooks to operate in a certain environment or for a type of business, in a way
    that will provide pertinent information better and faster to help your business have
    a greater chance of being more profitable.

    Some products, like PrintBoss, are designed to be used across industry and
    environmental parameters. These universal products are also prominent at the
    Sleeter Conference and are an easy addition to QuickBooks because they save you
    money and reduce the amount of time required to extract information from
    QuickBooks or execute a function of QuickBooks on a general level. For example, if
    you use PrintBoss and you have multiple checking accounts or multiple companies
    in QuickBooks, you can have one check stock that can be left in your printer to print
    checks from all of your accounts or entities.

    PrintBoss, like so many other QuickBooks Add-Ons that will be exhibiting at the
    Sleeter Conference make the conference rich with value to the attendee looking for
    something specific or looking for something generic that will make the amazing
    QuickBooks product perfect for a specific application.

    Come by the PrintBoss booth and say hi, we would love to see y

  • QuickBooks Electronic Payment Software

    We are all searching for the best way to manage and pay our payables.  We want it to be secure, intuitive, easy, low cost, and fast.  The issue is that what is secure, intuitive, easy, low cost, and fast to you is not necessarily to your vendors.  Even more so, what is optimal for one vendor might not be for another vendor.  The point is, how can we find the “best” solution when it most likely varies by company?

    The one thing that many can agree on is that payables are moving toward electronic solutions, toward electronic payment software.  But even electronic payment software differs.  Some solutions require sharing banking information, while others require payees to accept certain terms of payment conditions including fees associated with the solution.  Other electronic payment software can only handle smaller payables, while still others are only beneficial with payables over $500,000.  The point is, how do we define the “best” electronic payment software?

    At Wellspring Software, we believe that the answer to this question lies in flexibility.  The best electronic payment software is one that enables you to pay however you want to pay.  Pay certain vendors through ACH, while paying others through products like the globalVCard Paysystems, while handling employee payables through direct deposit.  It is for this reason that we have designed PrintBoss to enable all types of payments.  What’s even better is that with PrintBoss you can automate these different payment types.  By stipulating in each vendor or employee account settings the type of payment they require/desire, you can process your payables in one run and PrintBoss will produce the correct payment for each payable.

    For example, if you have a supplier that wants to be paid with an ACH payment, another large vendor that requests payment through the globalVCard Paysystems, and then your office building landlord requires payment with a printed check, PrintBoss can handle all of these.  Once all of the above parties’ requirements have been indicated in the PrintBoss settings, then in QuickBooks (or any other accounting system integrated with PrintBoss) simply process a check run.  With no additional clicks, the information will be passed from QuickBooks to PrintBoss and given the settings for each payee, PrintBoss will produce the requisite payment file or check.  So for the supplier requesting ACH payment, an ACH file will be generated.  The same goes for the large vendor signed up to receive globalVCard payments.  For your landlord, a physical check will be printed from your designated printer.  The beauty, again, is that all of this happens automatically, with no extra clicks.

    Payable processing is constantly changing, why not have an electronic payment software that allows you to change with it.  PrintBoss allows you to process both checks and electronic payments in the same payable run, with no extra clicks.  Try the PrintBoss 30 day free trial to see how an electronic payment software can work for you.

  • Print QuickBooks Business Checks on Blank Check Stock

    We can all agree that QuickBooks is a wonderful piece of software.  It’s simple to use, yet provides a wealth of features we all need to keep our businesses running.  Furthermore, compared to the costs of larger enterprise version accounting softwares like many Sage or Microsoft products, QuickBooks is inexpensive.  For small to medium size businesses this simplicity and low cost are essential.  Yet even QuickBooks is not perfect.  Intuit recognizes there are a litany of areas in which QuickBooks can improve.  It is for this reason that Intuit supports a marketplace full of QuickBooks add-ons.  These third party softwares and services fill the gaps or complete the needs of QuickBooks users.

    One such need is an improvement in the QuickBooks check printing process, specifically, enabling businesses to print QuickBooks business checks on blank check stock.  The need for this stems from the what we discussed above: providing a simple and inexpensive accounting solution.  Enabling users to print QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock will not only simplify their process, but will save them considerable money doing it.

    Blank check stock simplifies the check printing process by allowing you to print all of your checks, no matter the company for which you are printing, or the account from which you are printing, onto the same check stock.  No more having to inventory multiple check stocks and no more worrying about check numbers.  With a QuickBooks add-on software like PrintBoss, the check numbers are maintained by the software.  The MICR lines of the QuickBooks business checks are also printed on the blank check stock by PrintBoss.  This way, you leave your one blank check stock in the printer and just click print.

    Printing your QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock saves you money when you purchase the check stock.  Blank checks can save you 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks business checks.  Click here to check out the incredible prices of blank check stock.

    QuickBooks has made all of our lives easier, but using a QuickBooks add-on software like PrintBoss to print your QuickBooks business checks onto blank check stock will make life even easier and less expensive.  Try our 30 day free trial to see what we mean, and begin saving today.

  • QuickBooks® Updates Can Cause Settings To Reset

    Our award winning technical service department gets asked a lot of questions on any particular day.  They do their best to answer these questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Most of the time a simple phone call is enough to overcome any client issue (given the client has a service contract, which is only $100 at the time of software purchase and covers you for a year).  But over the years we have noticed a trend in technical support questions.  So what is the most common service call our technicians take from clients that print QuickBooks® checks with PrintBoss?

    Well, it doesn’t even begin with the PrintBoss software.  It actually starts with an upgrade of the QuickBooks® software.  During the QuickBooks® update process the printer default settings for printing QuickBooks® checks are often reset.

    This update can effect three settings on the QuickBooks® checks / paychecks printer setup screen. These are the main settings should be aware of that effect PrintBoss check printing.  It is one of these three settings that is the culprit (or maybe victim) of the resultant issue from a QuickBooks® update.

    In order to print QuickBooks® checks correctly with PrintBoss, the three settings should be set as such:

    1.  The PrintBoss 50 printer driver is set as the printer
    2.  The Voucher style check is selected as the style choice
    3.  The box for ‘Print Company Name and Address’ is checked

    Which of these settings is most often reset by a QuickBooks® update?  The third setting.  After an update, the box for ‘Print Company Name and Address’ often reverts back to the default of being un-checked.  This seemingly small change results in the banking information not printing on the check, which ultimately results in a call to PrintBoss Technical Support.

    While we are always happy to talk with you, you can save yourself a little time after a QuickBooks® update.  Before you print your check batch, verify the three settings on the QuickBooks® Printer Setup screen for Checks / Paychecks are all marked as above.  It’s as easy as that!

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