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QuickBooks add-on

  • Printing Checks from the Cloud with QuickBooks Online

    Coming off of the Scaling New Heights 2014 conference, we've received a lot of inquiries about whether PrintBoss works with QuickBooks Online.  At the conference last month, Intuit made it clear that the future of QuickBooks is in their online version.  This is not to say they are abandoning their desktop version, but most development will be for the cloud software.  They are encouraging this focus also in their third-party developers.  By putting on conferences like QuickBooks Connect and only inviting apps supported by QuickBooks Online, Intuit is making it clear they want to push their cloud software.  We talked a lot about this after the conference.

    Coming away from SNH14, it is understandable that many QuickBooks users and Pro Advisors had questions about QBO and its environment.  For this reason we wanted to take this space to answer some of these questions.Cloud printing

    First and foremost, yes PrintBoss Select and Enterprise work with QuickBooks Online.  By installing the PrintBoss printer driver on your local network or computer, you can print checks from QuickBooks Online to your PrintBoss printer driver.

    When using PrintBoss with QuickBooks Online, it is necessary to use the Internet Explorer web browser.  All other web browsers render the QuickBooks Online output as an image instead of as text.  IE is the only one to render the QBO output as text.  By doing this, IE enables PrintBoss to manipulate the page and allow top, middle, and bottom check positions.

    Beyond this IE requirement, PrintBoss functions the same in QBO as it does on the desktop QuickBooks applications.  As Intuit makes this push into the cloud, PrintBoss will continue to enable you to print checks onto blank check stock, saving you time and money.  We are currently in development with a QBO only PrintBoss app that will make this even easier, so stayed tuned for more on that in the coming year.

    If you have any other questions, contact us here or try PrintBoss yourself with our 30 day free trial.

    We’ll see you in the cloud!

  • QuickBooks Check Printing with PrintBoss Select and Enterprise

    We have had several clients ask us recently what the main differences are between our PrintBoss Select and Enterprise products.  In some cases, they have done the 30 day trial of PrintBoss Enterprise, but then when they purchase the software, they order PrintBoss Select.  Inevitably, we get calls asking why their demos had these features but now after they purchased the software, they can no longer do all of those same things.  In an effort to answer and prevent much of this confusion, we thought we’d take some time and space on our blog to explain the two and provide links to more information about each.

    PrintBoss Select

    At just $150, the Select version is designed as an out of the box check printing solution.  When we first ventured into the QuickBooks market, we found the user base to have slightly different needs than our historical clients.  This customer segment needed unlimited bank accounts and wanted to be able to print signatures on checks.  They wanted to be able to use Positive Pay and print logos on their checks as well.  They didn’t need things like emailing or archiving accounting documents.  In order to meet their needs, we created PrintBoss Select.  It is designed to be an inexpensive, easy to use, low maintenance check printing solution.Select & Ent.

    Select’s plug and play type structure does not lend itself to form customization or Citrix environments.  What it does do is enable top, middle, or bottom check printing.  It works with all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online and it allows you to print deposit slips and create ACH payment files.  The market asked for something simple and intuitive, so we gave it to them.

    PrintBoss Enterprise

    Like its Select sibling, Enterprise was designed to be easy to use and intuitive.  At $795, it comes with all the bells, whistles, and extras you could ask for.  When compared to products with similar features, Enterprise’s $750 price point lies well below the competition.  While maintaining all of the features of Select, Enterprise adds further features and allows for more form customization.

    PrintBoss Enterprise allows you to email and fax copies of all of your accounting documents.  It will even automatically archive documents after being printed.  Part of this archiving feature is Enterprise’s ability to not only name documents based on things like company name or invoice number, but also create folders on your network if they do not already exist.

    Enterprise also works in a Citrix environment and works with other accounting packages beyond QuickBooks.  In general, PrintBoss Enterprise was designed to allow you to do anything and everything you need to do.

    For a quick breakdown on feature differences between Select and Enterprise, go to our Free Trial page and scroll to the bottom.  And while you’re there, download our free trial to see how both Select and Enterprise can save your company time and money, while increasing your security.  In the setup process of the free trial, you will be able to pick which version you want to try.


  • QuickBooks Add-Ons on Display at Scaling New Heights 2014

    We’re only 2 days away from the Scaling New Heights conference in San Antonio.  We can only imagine everyone else in the QuickBooks accounting world is as excited as we are…well, maybe not AS excited.  Here at Wellspring Software, we love going to these QuickBooks specific conferences.  The QuickBooks market is the biggest small and mid-sized business accounting market, and it is still growing.  Consequently, the QuickBooks add-on market is pretty enormous as well.  But beyond its size, it is also on the cutting edge of the accounting industry.  As a QuickBooks add-on that is right where we want to be.  We get a kick out of talking to others in the industry, whether we are talking about how PrintBoss can help their business by improving their accounts payable processes, or just discussing the newest trends in the industry.  No matter what the topic of conversation is, any conversation you have at Scaling New Heights is going to be interesting.

    For this reason, we hope everyone will come to the PrintBoss booth (#32) to tell us about your business and what you are looking for in the QuickBooks add-on market.  As an enticement and to learn a little about all the QuickBooks Pro-Advisors out there, we are running a campaign this year, where anyone that comes to our booth and takes a 1 minute survey, will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.  That’s like charging a consulting rate of $300/hour!  That’s pretty goodJ.

    We hope to see you in San Antonio and please stop by the PrintBoss booth to talk QuickBooks add-ons, get a Starbucks card, and get to know us.  See you in a few days!

  • Unlimited Seats for your QuickBooks Add-On

    A common question we get regarding our QuickBooks add-on software, PrintBoss, is, “how many seats come with a license?”  This is an important question for many QuickBooks users, as they have several people in their office that use QuickBooks.

    Most QuickBooks versions today come with a defined number of seats per license.  More seats costs more money.  Consequently, when evaluating and valuing a QuickBooks add-on, it is important to know if it will work in your current QuickBooks environment.  Most QuickBooks add-ons, like QuickBooks itself, come with a limited number of seats, or the pricing structure is based on the number of seats required.  Particularly as the market moves toward cloud applications which are typically subscription based, charging per seat is easier and more lucrative.

    When people see our small $150 price tag for PrintBoss Select and then see that it also includes 500 blank checks to get them started, it is understandable that their assumption is that the license only covers one or two seats.  The fact is, a $150 PrintBoss Select license has unlimited seats.  Once PrintBoss is installed on a network, then as many seats on that network that want can access PrintBoss. We call them workstation installations.  Here’s an FAQ we have on how to do the various PrintBoss installs.

    The purpose of PrintBoss is to enable you to print checks from QuickBooks onto blank checks, and to improve and automate your document distribution…no matter how many people use it.  We understand that in any given company these two processes are not confined to one individual.  For that reason we designed PrintBoss to enable communication and workflow between any number of people.

    Try our 30-day free trial of PrintBoss to experience how PrintBoss can work for your office.

  • QuickBooks Check Printing Security

    Welcome to the third installment of our look at QuickBooks check printing security as we head toward the Scaling New Heights conference in June.  The first week we took a broad look at how printing checks onto blank check stock improves your accounts payable security.  Then last week we dove deeper into the security features behind and embedded within our check stock, like fluorescent fibers, micro-printing, and toner grip paper.  This week we continue this topic of security by turning our attention to the software side of the equation.  While QuickBooks provides a lot of accounting security, when it comes to your check printing needs, Intuit leaves it to third-party software like PrintBoss to provide solutions.

    Today we’re going to focus on two security enhancement features offered with PrintBoss: electronic signatures and Positive Pay file creation.

    Electronic Signatures

    PrintBoss enables electronic signatures to be printed on checks.  Furthermore, PrintBoss enables signing rules to be associated with each signature, creating deeper security levels.  Each PrintBoss signature is created and encrypted by Wellspring Software.  The signature file is then placed on media (typically a USB), which is then sent to the client.  This media not only houses the file which can then be saved in the PrintBoss database, but it also serves as a key by which the signature may be enabled.

    Within PrintBoss, signing rules may be applied to each signature.  Signing rules include bank account associations and dollar amount.  For example, if a check is printed for ABC company, from bank account 123, then John Smith’s signature will always print on the check.  But if the check is over a certain amount, say $500, then Jane Smith’s signature will also print.

    The electronic signature feature ensures checks will be signed appropriately with every check run and saves you time signing them.  It also increases security in your processes through the encrypted signature file, requiring a signature key to unlock a signature, and by requiring checks to have certain signatures.

    Check security

    Positive Pay File Creation

    Positive Pay is commonly regarded as the most secure method of check payment.  Positive Pay enables you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account, and reject unauthorized checks.  By sending your bank a file after each check run outlining the payees, amounts, dates, etc. of your authorized checks, the bank can then match all checks processed against your account.  If any check does not match the information provided in your Positive Pay file, that check is rejected.

    Each bank is different and requires different formatting and information provided in the Positive Pay file.  Furthermore, creating this Positive Pay file can be difficult and time consuming…but not with PrintBoss.  PrintBoss will do all of his for you, automatically.  Wellspring Software will create a custom Positive Pay form file based off your bank’s specifications.  Once created, PrintBoss will automatically generate the Positive Pay file your bank requires.  All you have to do is send it to the bank, often by some ftp.

    In other words, PrintBoss eliminates all of the hassle and pain of Positive Pay, making it efficient and enabling you to protect your accounts payable against check fraud.

    Electronic signatures and Positive Pay file creation are just two of many security features available with PrintBoss.  Check out the rest of our website to learn more.

    Try our 30 day free trial to learn firsthand how PrintBoss can save you time and money, while increasing your security.

  • PrintBoss Cleans Up Your QuickBooks Checks Process

    It’s finally starting to warm up.  It may have taken until nearly May, and the balmy 85 degree summer days might not quite be here for everyone, but the frigid throes of winter seem to be behind us.  This time of spring warming is often coupled with a general purge of possessions.  Spring cleaning is typically associated with our personal refuse, but maybe this year we can bring this time honored tradition to our businesses.  Why not focus on clearing out those inefficient and time consuming processes and methods and replace them with easy, effective, and cost saving solutions?  We like to start with your QuickBooks checks.

    Like all projects, success or failure balances on the tools you have to get the job done.  You may be tired of archaic systems or laborious processes, but if you don’t have the right tools to improve them, then how can your business change?  Well, we’re glad you stumbled on this blog, because we have your answer—PrintBoss.

    Small businesses often have the hardest time changing.  Although their size lends toward agility, small businesses are often operated on tight budgets.  This is good, as it demands efficiency and leaves little room for waste.  But when waste does creep into processes, smaller budgets can prevent investment in change.  Fortunately, PrintBoss solves that.  PrintBoss is only $150 and can not only automate much of your accounts payable process, but save you considerable money doing it.

    PrintBoss enables you to process your payroll and vendor payments from QuickBooks by check or electronic payment simultaneously.  Most users do this with the PrintBoss feature that enables you to print QuickBooks checks onto blank check stock.  Printing to blank check stock saves you at least 80% on the cost of preprinted QuickBooks checks, and allows you to print all checks from all bank accounts onto one check stock.  To make it even easier, PrintBoss automatically selects the correct bank account from which to print every check.

    Further benefit lies in PrintBoss’ ability to, in the same payment run, process electronic payments alongside check payments.  We realize that not all of your vendors (or employees for that matter) want payment in the same manner.   Some require check payments, while others electronic payment.  If desired, PrintBoss will, instead of printing a check, create an ACH file that can be sent to your vendor.  Similarly, direct deposit files can be created.  This all happens automatically and in the same payment run as check payments.

    Beyond the actual processing of payments, PrintBoss will automatically archive, email and fax accounting documents.  This eradicates old processes like paper filing, mailing, and manual faxing.  It’s corporate spring cleaning, and you can do it all with PrintBoss.  With PrintBoss you can get rid of your archaic accounting systems and replace them with automated processes all managed by one software.

    Try cleaning up your accounting processes with the free 30 day PrintBoss trial.

  • PrintBoss Prints QuickBooks Checks on Blank Check Stock...No Joke!

    What a crazy April Fools week.  As is tradition, tech companies across the web fooled wanting customers into believing announcements of certain ridiculous products.  Many, like Samsung and HTC parodied market trends, announcing new wearable technology such as the Samsung Fingers and HTC’s Gluuv.  Gmail users were alerted Tuesday morning when they opened their email to a new custom selfie theme from the search giant.  Google joked that to date, “…there isn’t a way to share your selfie with others.”

    As always, the pranks were well received by most…but not all.  Many unaccustomed and unsuspecting techies felt cheated and confused.  For many this led to feelings of distrust and suspicion.  We at Wellspring Software would like to take this opportunity to clear the air on certain misperceptions caused by this day of foolery regarding our QuickBooks check printing software, PrintBoss.

    Simultaneous QuickBooks Check Printing and ePayment Processing

    “Your website claims that your software can process checks and ePayments simultaneously.  Is that real or a cruel April Fools joke?  It seems too good to be true.”  -John from Minnesota

    We received this comment from John early Tuesday morning.  He clearly had fallen prey to the tech giants’ games and now was disbelieving of any technological advancement he read about.  John identified this page on our website as being the culprit of his doubt.  Fortunately for John and thousands of others needing to pay some bills by check and others electronically, this is in fact not an April Fools prank.  PrintBoss CAN print QuickBooks checks and electronic payment files simultaneously.  In fact, based on vendor or employee history, PrintBoss knows who to pay with each method, so it will process the two different payments automatically.  All you do is process a payment run in QuickBooks and PrintBoss takes care of the rest, no extra steps.

    Automatic Archiving of Accounting Documents

    “You’re telling me your software, following a payment run, will automatically name and archive all documents associated with the payments processed?  This isn’t my first April Fools day.  Good try.”  -Samantha from Oakland

    That is exactly what we are telling you, Samantha.  As hard as it is to believe, PrintBoss not only processes your payments, but it also handles your filing.  Any accounting documents associated with a payment can be archived by PrintBoss.  Be it an invoice, a purchase order, or even a check stub, PrintBoss will name the file, create a folder if there is not already one created for the vendor/employee, and even password protect certain documents.  The idea is to save you from doing all that tedious, boring work yourself.

    PrintBoss Select is Only $150

    “According to your ‘website’, I can get PrintBoss Select and all its features including check printing, Positive Pay file and ACH file creation, and unlimited bank accounts for only $150.  I already tried to purchase the Samsung Fingers, please tell me this is for real.”  -Adrian from Atlanta

    Fortunately for Adrian and the rest of the accounting world, this is true.  Not only do you get all of those features, but you get them with a seamless integration with QuickBooks.  You print a check like you normally do in QuickBooks and adding zero extra steps, PrintBoss can print that check onto blank check stock, and/or create Positive Pay files and ACH files.  Many QuickBooks users don’t realize how provincial QuickBooks check printing is until they have experienced PrintBoss.

    Try PrintBoss FREE for 30-days to experience all these amazing features and more.  And I should probably say, this is NOT an April Fools joke.

  • The Future of Electronic Payment Software

    We’ve been working hard recently to develop an electronic payment software that meets the needs of the small to medium size business market.  The difficulty is finding a solution that meets everyone’s needs.  25 years ago we got into the check printing business because we knew we could have an impact on a lot of companies.  Everyone paid bills with checks then.  In fact, up until 2004, over 95% of business payables were processed through check payments.  95%!

    This is an incredible statistic, especially as you look at the current payments industry landscape.  As more and more businesses look for an electronic payment solution that satisfies their needs, what we are finding is that no business is the same and thus their needs and wants differ.  The days of everyone processing payments the same way, by check, are fleeting.  While still over half of business payables are processed by check (according to the Association for Financial Professionals 2013 survey), companies are actively searching for an electronic method.  As of yet no one way has emerged as the B2B electronic payment solution, and the chances are no one way will.  The rate that technology develops and the increasing number of innovators in the market makes it difficult for one payment method to grab hold.  It is a safe bet to assume that moving forward no one method of payment will be as ubiquitous as checks once were.

    So what does this all mean?  It means that as a company you must be nimble.  Whether you are a vendor receiving payments from your clients, or a client paying numerous vendors, companies will require payment in different ways.  As such, your company should be positioned to accept and pay through these different methodsElectronic payment software, like PrintBoss, that enable a group of payables to be processed in one run but through various payment methods is the future.  To process checks, virtual credit cards, and ACH payments at the same time, with one click of a button allows your business to be nimble, develop with technological advancements, and work with all vendors and clients.

    Try PrintBoss free for 30-days and experience the future of payment processing.

  • How To Cut Costs With QuickBooks Checks

    Did you hear about the restaurant chain in Florida that resorted to implementing a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases to cover rising costs due to the Affordable Care Act?  The restaurant claims that the increased ACA costs will amount to around $500,000 a year, while the 1% surcharge will generate $160,000, falling woefully short.  Although not all businesses can or will implement practices like these, it does illustrate the importance of managing both external (like rising healthcare costs) and internal (like hiring more people or getting a new copier) costs.

    Passing these costs on to your customers through surcharges or increased prices is one way to cover costs, but this can cause a backlash of customer resentment that could ultimately close a business.  Instead, try managing costs by cutting them.  Often this is easier said than done, but with PrintBoss, a QuickBooks check printing software, it actually is easy.  Let us explain.

    PrintBoss enables you to print QuickBooks checks to blank check stock.  It’s a simple concept, but has enormous positive ramifications for your costs.  For one, by using blank check stock you will save at minimum 80% on the cost of preprinted checks.  If you buy 1,000 checks from Wellspring Software, you will pay $60.  If you buy the same quantity of preprinted QuickBooks checks from Intuit, you will pay $317!

    Two, with preprinted checks, you must purchase check stock for each individual bank account from which you print checks.  If you print checks from ten different accounts, then you must purchase and store ten different check stocks.  Beyond the security issues that arise from storing check stock with your bank information printed on it (read about the security benefits of blank check stock), buying ten different check stocks can be expensive, given the cost figures stated above.  When you use PrintBoss, you can buy one blank check stock and use it for all of your bank accounts.  Let us say that again.  You buy one stock for all of your bank accounts.

    There are other cost savings features that come with PrintBoss, such as ACH file creation, automatic document archiving (PrintBoss will create and archive PDF copies of invoices, purchase orders, etc. on your network or computer) and document emailing.  Possibly the most cost saving aspect of PrintBoss is its cost—only $150.  With the 500 checks that are included in that price, PrintBoss is the most efficient way to cut costs for your business.

    Try our 30-day FREE trial to experience the cost savings first hand.

  • The Best QuickBooks Add-On in the Market

    Did you know that in the U.S. over 50% of business payables are paid by check?  Over 50%!  No other method of payment has close to that kind of market saturation.  What makes checks so ubiquitous?  Simple.  They’re inexpensive (when purchased from the right vendor), they’re accepted and processed by everyone, and they’re easy to create (when created with the right software).  It is for all of these reasons that when searching for the right QuickBooks add-on to help your business, PrintBoss is the way to go.  PrintBoss is a check printing software that enables you to print checks onto blank check stock, thus saving you both time and money, while increasing your check printing security.

    People who have never heard of PrintBoss often ask, “Why do I need a QuickBooks add-on check printing software when I can print checks from QuickBooks?”  We always respond with a simple question, “Do you print checks from more than one bank account?”  If you do, then you need PrintBoss.  If you do print checks from more than one bank account then you know what a hassle it is to constantly be switching out check stocks in your printer in order to print from your various accounts.  You also know how expensive it is to purchase checks for multiple bank accounts.  And you are aware of the security risks of having unused preprinted checks (checks with your bank account, routing, and check numbers preprinted on the check face) lying around the office for anyone to see and obtain your bank account information.

    PrintBoss solves all of these problems, and more.  PrintBoss enables you to print checks onto blank check stock.  In other words, you can use one check stock for all of your bank accounts.  This eliminates the hassle of changing out check stocks in the printer, as well as the cost of purchasing multiple check stocks.  In fact, you save at least 80% on the cost of preprinted checks when you purchase blank checks (seriously, open the preprinted checks link and the blank checks link and see the price difference yourself.  Note that Wellspring sells in quantities of 1,000.  So you are comparing the $318 Intuit price, to the $60 Wellspring price!).  What’s more is that no longer are your unused checks a security risk.  With blank check stock, no information is printed on the check until you process a check run.  PrintBoss maintains your bank account information in a secure, encrypted database, and prints the routing and account numbers on your checks.  PrintBoss will also maintain your check numbers, so even if there is a paper jam, PrintBoss will simply reprint the jammed check.

    What ties all of this together is that PrintBoss adds zero extra steps to how you currently print checks with QuickBooks.  PrintBoss integrates with QuickBooks as a printer driver, so all you do is set PrintBoss as your printer and then click print.  PrintBoss takes care of the rest.  All you have to do is mail the checks.

    All of this for just $150?  That’s why it’s the best QuickBooks add-on in the market.  Visit PrintBoss in the Intuit marketplace.

    Try PrintBoss FREE for 30 days (no credit card required).

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