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PrintBoss Prints QuickBooks Checks on Blank Check Stock...No Joke!

What a crazy April Fools week.  As is tradition, tech companies across the web fooled wanting customers into believing announcements of certain ridiculous products.  Many, like Samsung and HTC parodied market trends, announcing new wearable technology such as the Samsung Fingers and HTC’s Gluuv.  Gmail users were alerted Tuesday morning when they opened their email to a new custom selfie theme from the search giant.  Google joked that to date, “…there isn’t a way to share your selfie with others.”

As always, the pranks were well received by most…but not all.  Many unaccustomed and unsuspecting techies felt cheated and confused.  For many this led to feelings of distrust and suspicion.  We at Wellspring Software would like to take this opportunity to clear the air on certain misperceptions caused by this day of foolery regarding our QuickBooks check printing software, PrintBoss.

Simultaneous QuickBooks Check Printing and ePayment Processing

“Your website claims that your software can process checks and ePayments simultaneously.  Is that real or a cruel April Fools joke?  It seems too good to be true.”  -John from Minnesota

We received this comment from John early Tuesday morning.  He clearly had fallen prey to the tech giants’ games and now was disbelieving of any technological advancement he read about.  John identified this page on our website as being the culprit of his doubt.  Fortunately for John and thousands of others needing to pay some bills by check and others electronically, this is in fact not an April Fools prank.  PrintBoss CAN print QuickBooks checks and electronic payment files simultaneously.  In fact, based on vendor or employee history, PrintBoss knows who to pay with each method, so it will process the two different payments automatically.  All you do is process a payment run in QuickBooks and PrintBoss takes care of the rest, no extra steps.

Automatic Archiving of Accounting Documents

“You’re telling me your software, following a payment run, will automatically name and archive all documents associated with the payments processed?  This isn’t my first April Fools day.  Good try.”  -Samantha from Oakland

That is exactly what we are telling you, Samantha.  As hard as it is to believe, PrintBoss not only processes your payments, but it also handles your filing.  Any accounting documents associated with a payment can be archived by PrintBoss.  Be it an invoice, a purchase order, or even a check stub, PrintBoss will name the file, create a folder if there is not already one created for the vendor/employee, and even password protect certain documents.  The idea is to save you from doing all that tedious, boring work yourself.

PrintBoss Select is Only $150

“According to your ‘website’, I can get PrintBoss Select and all its features including check printing, Positive Pay file and ACH file creation, and unlimited bank accounts for only $150.  I already tried to purchase the Samsung Fingers, please tell me this is for real.”  -Adrian from Atlanta

Fortunately for Adrian and the rest of the accounting world, this is true.  Not only do you get all of those features, but you get them with a seamless integration with QuickBooks.  You print a check like you normally do in QuickBooks and adding zero extra steps, PrintBoss can print that check onto blank check stock, and/or create Positive Pay files and ACH files.  Many QuickBooks users don’t realize how provincial QuickBooks check printing is until they have experienced PrintBoss.

Try PrintBoss FREE for 30-days to experience all these amazing features and more.  And I should probably say, this is NOT an April Fools joke.